Lodi Dodi: We Likes to Party

I've found myself repeating the above more times than I'd like to admit in the past few months. When I find myself surrounded by people who are urinating on a hotel lobby floor at noon on a Monday. When I realize that I'm in Minneapolis, in January, and it was my choice to be there. When I find myself looking forward to a Sunday evening because OMG - Sean and Catherine are getting married! (Seriously, did anyone else watch? It was actually kind of lovely.)

I've just returned from said trip to Minneapolis, MN, one of the only places that could possibly be colder than Chicago at this time of year. Why did I go? I've been wondering the same thing. (Just kidding.) 

I made the trek up North with a few of my co-workers to visit one of our teammates who works remotely up there, and also to attend/help out at The Beer Dabbler, an outdoor beer festival featuring more than 150 local and regional breweries. The event itself was definitely cool, it was just so insanely cold that it made it REALLY difficult to do anything...like speak or even move your face. 

Beer lines were freezing, bottles were breaking, and then when you did get your taste of beer, it froze in about 60 seconds and you were left with a beer slushy. 

After a couple of hours, we went home to defrost and then went to our co-worker's champagne birthday party. (Right up my alley, right?) So...basically my liver is begging me for a break and I'm going to listen.

In fact, next week I'm starting the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. I've never been so excited to detox in my life! I've read great things about it online, and my little sister has also completed it. She lost 10.5lbs and 9-inches! 

Weight loss will be a huge benefit, but really, I just want to reset my body and then continue to make better choices once I hopefully see results. So, look for less interesting blogs going forward, as I will not be having any drunken adventures for 10 whole days. BUT, I will hopefully be able to share some results, recipes and thoughts that you can all apply if you'd like to.

Anyone else done the challenge and have any tips or recipes to share? Any encouragement and help is much appreciated!

See you tomorrow for Bachelor Recap Tuesday!


  1. So sorry you had to be in MN this weekend...at least you got to leave!! It's even colder today!! The Bachelor wedding...LOVE!!! Have a great week, lovely!

  2. Mmm...beer!! Haha that would be something to see, beer freezing instantly. I have read so many different blogs that have done the Advocare Challenge, every one's results are so different. Cant wait to hear how yours go!

  3. I want to try that! It's so expensive, though! Sigh...

  4. Rach, you forgot to mention that said little sister coughMEcough is also a distributor and she would be HAPPY to discuss this challenge with anyone!

    But you already know I am so excited for you and the challenge- I need to do the 10 day cleanse part myself again-you are gonna do amazing!

  5. I loved their wedding. So so sweet. I just love them as people.

    You were in my state!!!!!! Shoulda said hi :)

  6. I've been seeing this (and the 10 day) cleanse all around social media and I'm interested but like many, the cost holds me back from giving it a try. I look forward to reading your results!


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