Since I've Been Gone...

One thing I’ve learned since starting a blog is that I’m shockingly unreliable and not nearly busy enough to not update this thing on a daily basis. That aside, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to since I last blogged:

  • I traveled to Iowa City & Kansas City
  • I went wedding dress shopping with my little sister
Me, Ma, & Jess waiting for Natty to come out
  • I celebrated my dad’s 59th birthday
Sloan got to help blow out the candle!
  • I celebrated my friend’s 30th birthday
Me and my favorites!
  • I watched my friend get married!
She made her own wedding cake!
  • I caught baby fever
Meet Elle!
  • I caught up with my girlfriends from college
Never did snag a group photo, but this is Susie!
  • I met Rick Bayless
He's a Chicago Celebrity Chef.
  • I met Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane
They play for the Chicago Blackhawks, which, in case you've been 
living under a rock or don't follow hot hockey players, 
they won the Stanley Cup last year.
  • I spent one long Sunday getting drunk in an airport with my husband and planning our upcoming trip to Spain
  • I lost 0 pounds, but gained 1.2
sorry, no photos.
  • I found someone younger than the age of 2 who has a crush on me
You can't tell here, but he loves me. (This my friend 
Mandy's first born.)
  • I tailgated with my besties!
Pretty fall colors!
  • Bought new pajama pants
Best $12.50 ever spent. 
  • Enjoyed fall, until in snowed.

  • Drank lots of red wine – tis the season!
  • Hung out in a princess castle
Sweet castle, sweet girl.
  • I honored my Veteran!
I know, he's handsome and I know, I'm lucky. 

And currently, I’m waiting for one of my best girls, Mandy, to have her second bambino, and for my cousin to have her second bambino…both girls! So, that’s my Wednesday and my past 1.5 weeks.

I don’t forsee things getting better in terms of Keeping Up with the R&R blog, but I shall try.

I will likely be terribly busy preparing for our upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal. You can be jealous, it’s fine.


  1. Seriously... you did more in a week and a half than I have done in a month! Maybe two! Talk about some pretty special occasions.. as in the wedding, meeting Kane and Sharp!! (How cool is that!? And where did you get the opportunity to meet them!?) Wedding dress shopping, Dad's b'day and spending lots of time with cute kidlets. (Mind you, I DO get to spend everyday with a pretty darn sweet little baby girl...)
    P.S. Your husband is gorgeous. I had to.

  2. Looks like you had a freaking awesome time!!! I need those pajama pants!


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