Thanks, Champagne!

And just like that, a week has come and gone without an update, and another weekend has come to an end. But not just any weekend...HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!

The weekend before October 31 is always when Chicago (and probably every other major city) celebrates Halloween. The city comes alive with pop culture icons and slutty nurses, witches, Harry Potter characters, Amish girls and ____ (insert anything you can think of here, someone probably slutted it up.

My soul sister, Sara, turned 30 last week, so last night, she and Mike, her husband, had a "Scary" 30th Birthday/Halloween/Housewarming party in their beautiful new home. What's better? My other besties, Britt and Annie, came in town for the occasion. I'm so fortunate to have such amazing friends, who travel near and far to help celebrate such momentous occasions!

I love to go all out for Halloween. I'm over the slutty phase, and have moved on to comfort and comedic effect when it comes to finding a costume. Sara, Mike and I went in on a group costume and went as Brookie, Brookie and Ricky V.I. Penis, from the hilarious and popular SNL skit, "Moet Chandon," featuring Justin Timberlake. If you've yet to see it, watch this. You're welcome.

But, before I get to pictures of the Halloween party, I must tell you about our swanky date night on Friday. Thanks to my new job, I get invited to a lot of events now. At least one a week. Some are more exciting than others. On Friday, I had to cover Chicago Magazine's ChiTable event, which featured about 20 chefs/restaurants. Each station had a dish and a drink pairing, and I had to take photos for our social channels, so the husband and I got all dolled up and went to eat and drink some fancy stuff. It was an awesome event and a fun thing for us to do, since those types of events are not usually our "style." At the end of the evening though, when deciding if we should go for a nightcap or put on our PJs, true to form, we opted for the latter. We ended the night in our sweats, drinking wine on the couch watching the Conjuring. (So creepy. Anyone seen it?)

Now onto the Halloween pictures!

We spent all day making the place look super spooky!

Halloween-themed food. Taco Dip courtesy of me!

Costumes of the night: SNL skit, sushi, Gangsta and Forrest Gump.
How cute is everyone?!

I think we looked awesome, if I do say so myself.

Late night drunken photo op. Why not?

And today, I've spent the entire day in bed, napping, catching up on the DVR and napping some more. It's been wonderful. 

How was your weekend?


  1. The sushi! What a great costume. They looked awesome. I love the idea of a Halloween Themed 30th birthday party. It really doesn't get much better than that! Your house looked incredible. I like how you cob webbed your table and chairs.. Awesome effort and it looked really good. I love SNL and I love a good SNL Hallween costume!
    P.S. What a great job you have! I would love the perks of going somewhere fancy to eat fancy food!

  2. I LOVE THE COSTUME idea!! So hilarious I love that sketch!

  3. So random...I know Sara! :) haha Love the Moet Chandon girls costune idea!

  4. Ha I had never seen that clip. Funny!!

  5. And we are officially bff's. I am OBSESSED with those skits. I laugh so hard, and watch them a million times.


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