Someday I Will..

When my fave, Taylor, said she was hosting a link-up today, I was all about it, before even knowing what it was. Why? Well, she's my fave and I always need good blog fodder.

Then I found out it's a "Someday I Will" link-up, and I'm all, GREAT! Another wistful blog about all the things I wish I've done, I want to do, and will likely never do. *Sigh.*

But don't they say that writing it down helps hold you accountable? Meh, we'll see about that. Anyway, obviously I'm linking up anyway. Enjoy!

Someday I will actually prepare my next day's lunch the night before so that I'm not leaving the house 20 minutes later than planned...because someday I will learn that it doesn't only take 5 minutes.

Someday I will own a house. A real one, not the current two-bedroom condo in which we reside (as much as I love it). Because SOMEDAY I will need a place to truly decorate and implement all of the Pinterest projects I've bookmarked.

Someday I will write that goddamn book I keep talking about. Or at least someday I will work for myself, out of my home, which is well-decorated and filled with well-behaved children who love me and let me write in peace.

Someday I will be that blogger who writes well-written, thoughtful posts on the reg. For now, take what you can get.

Someday I will own a boat and a lakehouse. Mark my words.

Someday I will hit everywhere on my bucket list. Namely, Australia and New Zealand.

Someday I will stop fearing things I have no control over, such as death, disease and the unexpected.

Someday I will learn what time I really need to set my alarm for in order to get up on time. As it stands, I currently snooze for an hour, and therefore, get up 1 hr later than I need to.

Someday, when I die, people will say about me: "She was kind, confident and happy. She was happily married and loved her family more than life. She chased her dreams. She was so much fun, and could always make you laugh. She was a great storyteller. She was always on your side and if she wasn't, you wished she was. She loved life and we loved her." 

The Daily Tay


  1. LOVE the last one and I am totally guilty of the first one too - who's organised enough to make lunch the night before - not me that's for sure. Great list x

  2. Love these! I have Australia on my list too! Hope you reach all of these :)

  3. I can relate to a lot. AND I want to go to Australia with you.

  4. A boat and a lake house is a must.


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