Days Go By

Is it just me, or does Monday come more quickly every week? Sigh.

Can't complain about my weekend, folks, can't complain at all. There was a little concert action, a littler brewery action, a little date night, and a lot of productivity. Doesn't get much better!

My Friday started bright and early at 5am when I went to work to take photos of employees with the Stanley Cup!

Friday was a welcome night out with two of my friends. Don't you just love it when people you've met, liked and gotten along with are introduced and discover that THEY like and get along with each other, too? Such is the magic that happened when I introduced my two girls, Sara and Kate. By the end of the night, our trip to Vegas was planned! Anyway, I digress.

The three of us went to House of Blues Chicago to see Tyrone Wells (my fave) and Ben Rector. When I bought the tickets, I did so thinking that Tyrone would be the main act, but he actually opened for Ben Rector. And that ended up being AWESOME because Ben Rector was AWESOME. It was a very pleasant surprise and fun night out.

Saturday morning, I met two of my co-workers and their friends for brunch and then we headed to Revolution Brewery

How I woke up on Saturday

Anyone seen Drinking Buddies? It was filmed there! Super fun to taste a bunch of new beer, suck it up at shuffleboard and spent some QT with my co-workers.

That night, Bryan and I had date night, which consisted of dinner and drinks, and then we came home to drink more watch a movie about people drinking (see reference to movie above). I've got to say, I did not care for this movie as much as everyone else. Spoiler alert: Nothing happens.

Just a little Sloanie FaceTime

Anyway, yesterday I was surprisingly productive. I did some meal planning and went to the store to get items for said meals, then came home and did some cooking. I made barbecue pulled chicken and (healthy) buffalo chicken mac 'n cheese.

I was disappointed by the later, but guess what? It's healthy because it doesn't really HAVE any cheese. Regardless, it didn't taste horrible, so it didn't get tossed. After I got things going in the slow cooker, I went to the gym for a nice long workout, decorated our house for fall and just like that, it was Sunday night. Wamp wamp.

This week is another busy one. I've got two work events tomorrow and Wednesday, a friend's party on Thursday, and wam bam thank you ma'am, it's the weekend again! Praise the Lord.

Hope ya'll had fantastic weekends and just as good weeks coming up!
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  1. You're going to have to share those recipes...they look delicious! :)

    Found you through Weekend Shenanigans!


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