A Letter to Sloan

Dear Sloanie,

You’ve officially been TWO years old for just over one month now. Where has time gone?

It seems like just yesterday you were just a tiny, helpless baby who loved being kissed and cuddled. Now you’re a big girl who insists on doing everything by herself. Thankfully, you still love to be kissed and cuddled.
One of us is aging beautifully!

I wish I could adequately put into words how life has changed since you were born. ‘Love’ isn’t  big enough a word to describe it. I can’t imagine what it will feel like once I have my own kids. It scares me a little to be honest.

I’ll tell you little girl, you’re gonna be a tough act to follow. Never have I ever met such a genuinely good baby, and I’m not saying that just because I’m biased. You started sleeping through the night when you were like a day old. (That’s an exaggeration, but you were very young.) You’re good-mannered, always saying please and thank you, and you cook copious amounts of pretend food for everyone. Plus, you have great hygiene.  

And you're just so sweet, giving big, wet kisses, huge hugs and you aren’t afraid say to say, “I love you.”

I’m not gonna lie, you’ve definitely turned up the sass in the past year or so. Especially now that you’ve learned the power of ‘no,’ throwing tantrums and escaping your crib. You’re learning how to manipulate and hurt people because you want to, mainly through biting and hitting. But I’ve got to believe that you don’t actually know what you’re doing, and instead just doing it to get a reaction.

Always happy to see me!

In the moments when you aren’t raising hell, you’re smiling your toothy smile and giggling the most adorable laugh. You’re playing hide and go seek, and you love being chased and then caught. You love reading, playing with the dogs, and your Uncle Bry Bry. You’re amazed by everything, from leaves to elephant balloons. Dancing is a favorite past time and you're already popular, for a 2-year-old.

Your favorite thing to do as of late is to make everything you want to do seem like someone else’s idea. 

Sloan: Outside.
Me: What? You want to go outside?
Sloan: OK!

Swinging outside in the cold.

Sloan: Walk.
Me: What? You want to get out of the stroller?
Sloan: OK!

You're not winning this time.

So in case you weren’t sure, I just wanted to write you a belated happy birthday letter to tell you how much I love you. I hope you’re enjoying life as a two-year-old, little lady. I both dread and look forward to each year you get older, but I know we’re gonna be best friends some day.

Also, don’t ever call me Rachel.

Aunt Che Che/Chi Chi 


  1. Awww. This reminds me of my relationship with my sister's first born, Quinn. My husband and I were so in love with him the minute he was born. Then they moved to the opposite coast!! So sad. But, I can certainly relate to that big love you are feeling for your little buddy. Now, we have our own baby to love and it's pretty great. AND- don't worry, there's plenty of love to go around.. !

  2. Awe...so sweet! This will be wonderful to show Sloan someday! She loves all her aunties! She is a very lucky girl. PS...I always thought it was Chi Chi...?

  3. How come I never got any nice letters like this for my bdays? hehe, jk.
    This is so sweet and Sloanie is so very lucky to have a gifted auntie to write her such letters! This auntie is not as talented. Nonetheless, I know exactly what are you talking about when you say 'love' isn't a big enough word to describe how you feel towards her.
    I'd say we are some pretty good aunties and I hope she knows just how much we love her some day!!!

    PS I thought it was chi chi , too.

  4. Long time follower, first time blogger. I must say this one touched my heart more than any other. Perhaps that's because you are my daughter and Sloan is my first grandchild and the daughter of MY first child (your big sister). I never thought I could ever love anyone more than I love my 3 beautiful girls. That is until Miss Sloan came along. I was wrong. The heart's capacity for love is never ending. There is no limit. The more you love the more you CAN love. To the point where it feels like your heart may just burst. Sometimes when I rock Sloan and sing to her I have to cry because my heart is so full I have to let some out. Sloan is for sure a hard act to follow, but just you wait Chi Chi... you'll see.

    1. What a beautiful comment, Mom! Looks like I got my writing skills from you. Love you :)

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  6. AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! This is too sweet!


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