4 Reasons Why I'm Weird

I'm weird. Wanna know why?

someecards.com - Sorry it struck you as weird that I was in your pool for hours without leaving once to go to the bathroom.

1. I like spying on people. That is, there is nothing I like more than walking around different neighborhoods when the sun is going down or when it's dark, and taking a peek into any windows where the blinds might not be drawn and the lights are on. Yes, I know how creepy this sounds, as my husband tells me all the time, but really, I just love to see how other people live.

2. When I'm typing, if I make a typo or leave out a word, instead of just going to the place where I need to make the change, I delete everything I've written until I'm back to the error.

3. I can only eat Greek yogurt when I add pomegrantes. The texture is too thick otherwise, but the pomegrantes add a crunchy, flavorful burst, which makes it tolerable, and it makes me healthy!

4. I'm obsessed with pens that write a certain way. I can't explain it, but I can always tell a good pen. I especially like the pens they leave in hotel rooms. They always write the best. In fact, I can sum this point up as I'm just an office supplies nerd in general...pens, notebooks...love 'em.

That's all I've got today. Happy Hump Day.


  1. I do 1,2 and 4! I love the greek yogurt texture, but I am a texture person too so I totally know how you feel!!

  2. I agree, I'm the same with numbers 1, 2, and 4 but I never really thought about it before... I don't know if this makes you less weird or makes BOTH of us weird.

  3. I am the same way with 1, 2, and 4! I can't stand the texture or taste of Greek yogurt.. I can choke down regular yogurt, but only if I take small bites.

  4. Love #1. My husband and I live on the 42nd floor. We own a pair of binoculars and we put them to good use. I figure if anyone catches us spying on them, its because they're also spying on us!

  5. sometimes, a LITTLE bit of granola does good in the greek yogurt too!

  6. Now, you're basically saying you're a Peeping Tam. (clever, I know.) Do you go up to the window and look inside or do you mean, you just see blinds open from the street and can't help but look in. Haha, I can understand if you look from afar, close up.. I don't know.. !!
    The writing thing.. REALLY!? I would have to delete a lot of my stuff.. all of the damn time!

    You're okay though.. none of this stuff makes you all that weird... Peeping Tam;)

  7. I'm obsessed with pens that write a certain way too! It makes my handwriting so much prettier and neater! And "watching" other people is fun. We live in a condo downtown that is right on a main street and if we don't close our blinds, people can see us watching tv, cooking, etc. So I think it's not only neat to be in the parking lot and see what our neighbors are doing but also to let others watch what we are doing (and believe me, it's nothing too interesting).


  8. I feel you on loving a good pen. Usually a waitress has it and sometimes they may or may not go home with me!


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