30 Questions from a 30-Year-Old

/It's officially been one calendar month since I turned 30, which is further proof that time moves too quickly. (I wonder if it will go this fast once I'm pregnant. That's 9 months I could stand to have fly by.)

In honor of my one-month anniversary of being 30, I've been wondering a few things that I was hoping ya'll could help me answer:

  1. When will I start to feel 30?
  2. When will I start to get freaked about turning 40?
  3. At what age do people stop being able to sleep in?
  4. Why did my metabolism stop working the moment I turned 30?
  5. Did anyone else's metabolism stop working when they turned 30?
  6. Will I ever feel like a grown-up?
  7. Will I ever feel like I'm "ready" to have a baby?
  8. Is there ever a "good time" to get pregnant? i.e., will I ever look forward to the next 9 months and not think, "I'd like to be able to drink at ____..."
  9. Should I keep making new friends, or work on the quality of friendships I do have?
  10. What am I going to be when I grow up?
  11. Is it bad that I'd have no problem being a stay-home mom?
  12. How do people know how to parent and not have their children 1) die from something because they don't know what they're doing (like choking) or 2) turn into psychos, murderers and generally horrible people?
  13. Will the people I celebrated my 30th birthday with be the same people I celebrate my 50th birthday with?
  14. How old is too old to celebrate birthdays?
  15. Will my kids like me?
  16. What happens when someone I know gets divorced, as statistics say? What will I do?
  17. When will the world become a better place?
  18. How will I deal with the people I love dying?
  19. Will I ever understand politics? History? Geography?
  20. When will I finally write my first book?
  21. Were my 20s really the best years of my life?
  22. Do I look old to young people? Young to old people?
  23. Will I ever have a body that I'm happy with?
  24. How do I balance my ambition of being an author with my ambition of not working ever?
  25. At what age should my parents stop looking after me, and when should I start looking after my parents?
  26. Will I ever feel like I've "made it," in terms of money, success or happiness?
  27. When will taking a shower stop feeling like a chore, and like something I want to do?
  28. Will I ever take medication for my anxiety or OCD?
  29. Will my weight ever fully catch up with my appetite? In other words, will the fact that I eat like I'm 300 lbs ever actually mean I weigh 30 lbs?
  30. Are you ever ready for 30?

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  1. I've been 30 for nearly 11 weeks now, so I'm obviously very experienced at being this landmark age ;) I can try to answer some of your questions.

    1. Pass. If you find out, could you let me know?
    2. Hopefully not for a long time yet. Six years or so at least!
    3. At the age they become parents maybe?
    4. Because Mother Nature is mean that way.
    5. I think mine stopped a couple of years before.
    6. Not if you don't want to - I know I don't.
    7. I can't answer that for you, sorry.
    8. I don't think there's a perfect time, but my only advice would be don't wait too long and leave it too late.
    9 and 10 I can't answer
    11. Nope, I'd love to do that too.
    12. I guess people just do the best they can. Instinct plays a part and there are a ton of books. Mix that with muddling through and I reckon that's how people succeed!
    13. If they were special people to you, let's hope so.
    14. There is no age limit on that. Every year should be celebrated.
    15. Is there a reason why they wouldn't?
    16 and 17 are toughies.
    18. You just will. You cannot predict at all how you will feel about it or how you will deal until it happens. Trust me.
    19. Politics is dull. The question there is do you want to understand it? There's an awful lot of history, maybe start out small and learn about one particular period. And geography - get an atlas and turn it into a game. Look for ridiculous place names, and you might just absorb some other stuff at the same time.
    20. When you have a great story to tell and the time to tell it.
    21. Ask yourself that again when you're an old lady.
    22. Probably.
    23. Hard to say. We're all our own worst critics.
    24. Write very very slowly.
    25. When they become less able than you are.
    26. If you reach your goals then you should.
    27. Again, if you find out please let me know.
    28. Do you feel that you should? If it start to control you then it might be worth considering, but if it's not so bad you may not need to.
    29. That might be worth keeping an eye on...
    30. I'm pretty sure I wasn't. When you're young, 30 seems so grown up (and dare I say, old!) and I had a whole host of ideas of where I'd be, what I'd have achieved etc. Turns out I was way off the mark!

    This is such a great post, wish I'd thought of it!


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