Someday I Will..

When my fave, Taylor, said she was hosting a link-up today, I was all about it, before even knowing what it was. Why? Well, she's my fave and I always need good blog fodder.

Then I found out it's a "Someday I Will" link-up, and I'm all, GREAT! Another wistful blog about all the things I wish I've done, I want to do, and will likely never do. *Sigh.*

But don't they say that writing it down helps hold you accountable? Meh, we'll see about that. Anyway, obviously I'm linking up anyway. Enjoy!

Someday I will actually prepare my next day's lunch the night before so that I'm not leaving the house 20 minutes later than planned...because someday I will learn that it doesn't only take 5 minutes.

Someday I will own a house. A real one, not the current two-bedroom condo in which we reside (as much as I love it). Because SOMEDAY I will need a place to truly decorate and implement all of the Pinterest projects I've bookmarked.

Someday I will write that goddamn book I keep talking about. Or at least someday I will work for myself, out of my home, which is well-decorated and filled with well-behaved children who love me and let me write in peace.

Someday I will be that blogger who writes well-written, thoughtful posts on the reg. For now, take what you can get.

Someday I will own a boat and a lakehouse. Mark my words.

Someday I will hit everywhere on my bucket list. Namely, Australia and New Zealand.

Someday I will stop fearing things I have no control over, such as death, disease and the unexpected.

Someday I will learn what time I really need to set my alarm for in order to get up on time. As it stands, I currently snooze for an hour, and therefore, get up 1 hr later than I need to.

Someday, when I die, people will say about me: "She was kind, confident and happy. She was happily married and loved her family more than life. She chased her dreams. She was so much fun, and could always make you laugh. She was a great storyteller. She was always on your side and if she wasn't, you wished she was. She loved life and we loved her." 

The Daily Tay
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30 Questions from a 30-Year-Old

/It's officially been one calendar month since I turned 30, which is further proof that time moves too quickly. (I wonder if it will go this fast once I'm pregnant. That's 9 months I could stand to have fly by.)

In honor of my one-month anniversary of being 30, I've been wondering a few things that I was hoping ya'll could help me answer:

  1. When will I start to feel 30?
  2. When will I start to get freaked about turning 40?
  3. At what age do people stop being able to sleep in?
  4. Why did my metabolism stop working the moment I turned 30?
  5. Did anyone else's metabolism stop working when they turned 30?
  6. Will I ever feel like a grown-up?
  7. Will I ever feel like I'm "ready" to have a baby?
  8. Is there ever a "good time" to get pregnant? i.e., will I ever look forward to the next 9 months and not think, "I'd like to be able to drink at ____..."
  9. Should I keep making new friends, or work on the quality of friendships I do have?
  10. What am I going to be when I grow up?
  11. Is it bad that I'd have no problem being a stay-home mom?
  12. How do people know how to parent and not have their children 1) die from something because they don't know what they're doing (like choking) or 2) turn into psychos, murderers and generally horrible people?
  13. Will the people I celebrated my 30th birthday with be the same people I celebrate my 50th birthday with?
  14. How old is too old to celebrate birthdays?
  15. Will my kids like me?
  16. What happens when someone I know gets divorced, as statistics say? What will I do?
  17. When will the world become a better place?
  18. How will I deal with the people I love dying?
  19. Will I ever understand politics? History? Geography?
  20. When will I finally write my first book?
  21. Were my 20s really the best years of my life?
  22. Do I look old to young people? Young to old people?
  23. Will I ever have a body that I'm happy with?
  24. How do I balance my ambition of being an author with my ambition of not working ever?
  25. At what age should my parents stop looking after me, and when should I start looking after my parents?
  26. Will I ever feel like I've "made it," in terms of money, success or happiness?
  27. When will taking a shower stop feeling like a chore, and like something I want to do?
  28. Will I ever take medication for my anxiety or OCD?
  29. Will my weight ever fully catch up with my appetite? In other words, will the fact that I eat like I'm 300 lbs ever actually mean I weigh 30 lbs?
  30. Are you ever ready for 30?
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Thanks, Champagne!

And just like that, a week has come and gone without an update, and another weekend has come to an end. But not just any weekend...HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!

The weekend before October 31 is always when Chicago (and probably every other major city) celebrates Halloween. The city comes alive with pop culture icons and slutty nurses, witches, Harry Potter characters, Amish girls and ____ (insert anything you can think of here, someone probably slutted it up.

My soul sister, Sara, turned 30 last week, so last night, she and Mike, her husband, had a "Scary" 30th Birthday/Halloween/Housewarming party in their beautiful new home. What's better? My other besties, Britt and Annie, came in town for the occasion. I'm so fortunate to have such amazing friends, who travel near and far to help celebrate such momentous occasions!

I love to go all out for Halloween. I'm over the slutty phase, and have moved on to comfort and comedic effect when it comes to finding a costume. Sara, Mike and I went in on a group costume and went as Brookie, Brookie and Ricky V.I. Penis, from the hilarious and popular SNL skit, "Moet Chandon," featuring Justin Timberlake. If you've yet to see it, watch this. You're welcome.

But, before I get to pictures of the Halloween party, I must tell you about our swanky date night on Friday. Thanks to my new job, I get invited to a lot of events now. At least one a week. Some are more exciting than others. On Friday, I had to cover Chicago Magazine's ChiTable event, which featured about 20 chefs/restaurants. Each station had a dish and a drink pairing, and I had to take photos for our social channels, so the husband and I got all dolled up and went to eat and drink some fancy stuff. It was an awesome event and a fun thing for us to do, since those types of events are not usually our "style." At the end of the evening though, when deciding if we should go for a nightcap or put on our PJs, true to form, we opted for the latter. We ended the night in our sweats, drinking wine on the couch watching the Conjuring. (So creepy. Anyone seen it?)

Now onto the Halloween pictures!

We spent all day making the place look super spooky!

Halloween-themed food. Taco Dip courtesy of me!

Costumes of the night: SNL skit, sushi, Gangsta and Forrest Gump.
How cute is everyone?!

I think we looked awesome, if I do say so myself.

Late night drunken photo op. Why not?

And today, I've spent the entire day in bed, napping, catching up on the DVR and napping some more. It's been wonderful. 

How was your weekend?

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A Letter to Sloan

Dear Sloanie,

You’ve officially been TWO years old for just over one month now. Where has time gone?

It seems like just yesterday you were just a tiny, helpless baby who loved being kissed and cuddled. Now you’re a big girl who insists on doing everything by herself. Thankfully, you still love to be kissed and cuddled.
One of us is aging beautifully!

I wish I could adequately put into words how life has changed since you were born. ‘Love’ isn’t  big enough a word to describe it. I can’t imagine what it will feel like once I have my own kids. It scares me a little to be honest.

I’ll tell you little girl, you’re gonna be a tough act to follow. Never have I ever met such a genuinely good baby, and I’m not saying that just because I’m biased. You started sleeping through the night when you were like a day old. (That’s an exaggeration, but you were very young.) You’re good-mannered, always saying please and thank you, and you cook copious amounts of pretend food for everyone. Plus, you have great hygiene.  

And you're just so sweet, giving big, wet kisses, huge hugs and you aren’t afraid say to say, “I love you.”

I’m not gonna lie, you’ve definitely turned up the sass in the past year or so. Especially now that you’ve learned the power of ‘no,’ throwing tantrums and escaping your crib. You’re learning how to manipulate and hurt people because you want to, mainly through biting and hitting. But I’ve got to believe that you don’t actually know what you’re doing, and instead just doing it to get a reaction.

Always happy to see me!

In the moments when you aren’t raising hell, you’re smiling your toothy smile and giggling the most adorable laugh. You’re playing hide and go seek, and you love being chased and then caught. You love reading, playing with the dogs, and your Uncle Bry Bry. You’re amazed by everything, from leaves to elephant balloons. Dancing is a favorite past time and you're already popular, for a 2-year-old.

Your favorite thing to do as of late is to make everything you want to do seem like someone else’s idea. 

Sloan: Outside.
Me: What? You want to go outside?
Sloan: OK!

Swinging outside in the cold.

Sloan: Walk.
Me: What? You want to get out of the stroller?
Sloan: OK!

You're not winning this time.

So in case you weren’t sure, I just wanted to write you a belated happy birthday letter to tell you how much I love you. I hope you’re enjoying life as a two-year-old, little lady. I both dread and look forward to each year you get older, but I know we’re gonna be best friends some day.

Also, don’t ever call me Rachel.

Aunt Che Che/Chi Chi 
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4 Reasons Why I'm Weird

I'm weird. Wanna know why? - Sorry it struck you as weird that I was in your pool for hours without leaving once to go to the bathroom.

1. I like spying on people. That is, there is nothing I like more than walking around different neighborhoods when the sun is going down or when it's dark, and taking a peek into any windows where the blinds might not be drawn and the lights are on. Yes, I know how creepy this sounds, as my husband tells me all the time, but really, I just love to see how other people live.

2. When I'm typing, if I make a typo or leave out a word, instead of just going to the place where I need to make the change, I delete everything I've written until I'm back to the error.

3. I can only eat Greek yogurt when I add pomegrantes. The texture is too thick otherwise, but the pomegrantes add a crunchy, flavorful burst, which makes it tolerable, and it makes me healthy!

4. I'm obsessed with pens that write a certain way. I can't explain it, but I can always tell a good pen. I especially like the pens they leave in hotel rooms. They always write the best. In fact, I can sum this point up as I'm just an office supplies nerd in general...pens, 'em.

That's all I've got today. Happy Hump Day.

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Days Go By

Is it just me, or does Monday come more quickly every week? Sigh.

Can't complain about my weekend, folks, can't complain at all. There was a little concert action, a littler brewery action, a little date night, and a lot of productivity. Doesn't get much better!

My Friday started bright and early at 5am when I went to work to take photos of employees with the Stanley Cup!

Friday was a welcome night out with two of my friends. Don't you just love it when people you've met, liked and gotten along with are introduced and discover that THEY like and get along with each other, too? Such is the magic that happened when I introduced my two girls, Sara and Kate. By the end of the night, our trip to Vegas was planned! Anyway, I digress.

The three of us went to House of Blues Chicago to see Tyrone Wells (my fave) and Ben Rector. When I bought the tickets, I did so thinking that Tyrone would be the main act, but he actually opened for Ben Rector. And that ended up being AWESOME because Ben Rector was AWESOME. It was a very pleasant surprise and fun night out.

Saturday morning, I met two of my co-workers and their friends for brunch and then we headed to Revolution Brewery

How I woke up on Saturday

Anyone seen Drinking Buddies? It was filmed there! Super fun to taste a bunch of new beer, suck it up at shuffleboard and spent some QT with my co-workers.

That night, Bryan and I had date night, which consisted of dinner and drinks, and then we came home to drink more watch a movie about people drinking (see reference to movie above). I've got to say, I did not care for this movie as much as everyone else. Spoiler alert: Nothing happens.

Just a little Sloanie FaceTime

Anyway, yesterday I was surprisingly productive. I did some meal planning and went to the store to get items for said meals, then came home and did some cooking. I made barbecue pulled chicken and (healthy) buffalo chicken mac 'n cheese.

I was disappointed by the later, but guess what? It's healthy because it doesn't really HAVE any cheese. Regardless, it didn't taste horrible, so it didn't get tossed. After I got things going in the slow cooker, I went to the gym for a nice long workout, decorated our house for fall and just like that, it was Sunday night. Wamp wamp.

This week is another busy one. I've got two work events tomorrow and Wednesday, a friend's party on Thursday, and wam bam thank you ma'am, it's the weekend again! Praise the Lord.

Hope ya'll had fantastic weekends and just as good weeks coming up!
Mingle 240

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Friday's Fancies: Party Girl Chic!

Man, am I happy to see you, Friday! This week has completely flown by, but I can't complain about that.

My day started bright and early today when I got up at 5am in order to be at work at 6. The CEO of my new company owns the Chicago Blackhawks (hockey team, for those living under a rock) and as you likely know, we won the Stanley Cup last year! The Cup came to our office this morning, and I was live tweeting/Instagramming, etc. for the company. It's all good though - I got my picture taken, bought some Blackhawks gear for cheap, and I get to leave early. Wins all around!

Tonight I'm headed to see my favorite guy, Tyrone Wells, perform at the House of Blues Chicago. If you've never heard his music, check him out. The husband and I danced to his cover of "Use Somebody" for our first dance, and I've seen him twice live. He's amazing.

 It's been awhile, but today I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving to celebrate 150 weeks of Friday's Fancies! Congrats to Alison, and here's to 150 more! I couldn't decide if my outfit was too monochromatic, or if I liked the black shoe vs something nude. What do you guys think?

  Party Girl Chic
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Go Pack Go!

Monday, we meet again.

This was the weekend I've been waiting for for months on end - MY VERY FIRST PACKERS GAME! I've mentioned it before, that my Grandpa Al Zupek played for the Packers, back in '46. Despite my love for the team coursing through my veins, before this weekend, I'd never been to a game, at Lambeau or otherwise.

Leave it to my dad to make dreams come true. He took me, my sisters, brothers and significant others to the game yesterday, and suffice it to say, we had a blast!

We got in late on Friday night, and based on everyone's intoxication levels, it seemed like the husband and I were about 3 hours late to the party, so we called it an early night. 

Saturday morning, we headed into Appleton to catch the Hawkeye game. 

Despite the pouring rain, we hung outside on the covered patio playing bags, darts, and jumbo Jenga. 

That evening, we went to Dick & Joan's Supper Club for some Old Fashioned's (whiskey, sweet, with olives) and fish. Given that we had been boozing it up all day, it was an early night for all...and an even earlier morning.

It was a noon game, and we were staying about 20 minutes away, so to get ahead of traffic, we took off a little before 8 a.m. It was chilly and cloudy, but we held out hope that the rain would stay off and it'd be a great day for football.

Our prayers were answered! It ended up being the most perfect fall day - sunshine, blue skies, a breeze. It doesn't get better. We tailgated for a few hours and headed into the stadium for kickoff.

Whether or not you're a Packers fan, the experience at Lambeau Field is unlike any other. The fans are die hard, the energy is contagious, and it's just fun. We played the Lions and even better...we won! The game was awesome, and I made sure to get some new duds at the Pro Shop!

And just like that, the weekend was over. We decided to head back to Chicago after the game instead of spending the night. With my new job, missing a day of work the second week just didn't seem like an option.

Thanks to my Dad and Denise, and my wonderful family for an amazing weekend! 

Poor Dad got cut from the photo and we didn't even realize it :(

Mingle 240

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