Weekend Update: September So Far

So far this summer, I'm doing a gang-bang job of updating this beast a whopping 1-2 times per week. Sorry 'bout that.

PS: Has anyone every heard the phrase "gang-bang job"? I don't know where it came from, but it flew off my fingers in a way that frightened me, mostly because it involved the words "gang bang." I think I meant to say "bang-up job." Oh well. It stays. You're welcome.

So, here's a couple of weekend updates for you in one. This past weekend, we were finally at home in Chicago with no plans as far as 72 hours could see. I can summarize it in about three sentences, because I only took one picture all weekend. Friday night, we went out for a celebratory drinks and dinner at a new restaurant in Chicago (I'll tell you what we're celebrating tomorrow). Saturday morning, we watched Iowa football for a few hours, then came home, napped, and had our friends over for drinks before we went to Germanfest. (See picture below.) And Sunday, we did a whole lotta nothing. (At least nothing worth telling you about.)

This guy was passed out and didn't move for about 45 minutes. 

So, that brings me to LAST weekend, which was Labor Day. Our good friends, Andy & Shannon, were gracious enough to invite us to Shannon's family's lake home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It's only about 80 miles north of Chicago, so it's a nice weekend getaway. We ran into some terrible weather on the way up, causing a 1.5 hour trip to take close to 4 hours. But the weekend was worth the drive.

But, we awoke on Saturday to partly cloudy skies and a perfect temperature to enjoy the day. We spent the whole weekend in the infinity pool or on the lake...or in the infinity hot tub, and most of the time, with a drink in hand. We went on a boat ride to see all of the AMAZING homes on the lake (owned by the likes of the Wrigley family and Tito's Vodka creator). We spent some time in the cutest downtown area you've ever seen, went to have drinks on the lake on our last night.

All in all, a relaxing, wonderful weekend spent with friends. Enjoy the photos!
 The house, pool, lake and dock! 

 Playing horse in the pool.

Little hot tub, little beer, little bloody mary.

Texas Hold 'Em. Winning!

that's me on the bottom right...going toward shore.

Infinity pooling it. 

Drinks at Sunset on our last night before the storm rolled in.
Enough said.

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  1. Awe this looks so awesome! What a beautiful house to get to go and visit!


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