Weekend Update: Birthday Week!

Am I the most unreliable blogger you've ever met, or what? All I do is make false promises to tell you about this or that, talk to you tomorrow, etc. And yet, the past couple of months all I've been really good at is blogging once a week. :(

I can't promise it will get better, but I can promise that I'll try. Things are finally calmed down; last week was my last at work, and I have this week - BIRTHDAY WEEK! - off to get some things done around the house, make some appointments, and do some birthday pampering. Then at the end of the week, all of my besties are coming into town to help celebrate ME!

Day one of staycation was great! I woke early, but not too early, and spent the morning cleaning out closets and sorting clothes to take to consignment shops. Then I hit up the gym and Target, and spent the evening taking said clothes to consignment shops. I had SIX bags of stuff, you guys, and I got a whopping $5.77 for one sweater. Tomorrow, I'll try a few other places around town, otherwise, or to Goodwill we go.

Per usual, I'm a week behind on weekend updates, so I'll save Ms. Sloan's birthday celebration for another post this week, since I'm short on time (even at 10pm). Instead, I'll give you this weekend's update, since it pretty much involved one thing: heavy drinking.

The weekend kicked off on Friday when I had a goodbye happy hour with my co-workers. We went to our favorite watering hole across the street, and colleagues, current and former, showed up to see me off. It was wonderful! We capped the night with burgers and more unnecessary beer before finally going home at midnight. (No pictures to share, wamp wamp).

Saturday, I was surprisingly productive given Friday's activities. I did a couple of errands, walked through "Taco Fest," (hence the mariachi band below) and worked out, before heading out to my friend Kirsten's birthday party. The plan was to go to her pre-party but not on the party trolley, yet I found myself on said trolley and having a blast! I found it necessary to hobble half a mile in my heels to get some pizza before passing out about 5 minutes after I walked in the door.

Me and the birthday girl

And that brings me to Sunday, which was spent marathon watching SCANDAL. Do you guys watch it? I've heard for many months that I'd love it, so I got myself a free Netflix trial and there was no Sunday better spent. It was even better because I knew I didn't have to come to work today.

Addy was my partner on Sunday.

So there you have it, another weekend in the books. Since I'm not working this week - BIRTHDAY WEEK - I hope to have some blogging time, but I've learned not to make promises I can't keep.


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  1. i am obsessed with netflix! dont know what i would do without it haha :)



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