Happy September! AKA Best Month Ever


That's the sound of me, exhaling the deepest breath you can imagine. The summer is finally over. Normally I wouldn't rejoice, but this year, I am. After 9 weeks of nonstop activity—traveling, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, visitors, trips home—I can finally stop. Briefly, anyway.

AND it's September, which means it's my birthday month! In just 25 days, I will enter the next decade of my life, and I plan to embrace it with open arms.

September is the best month, not only because it's my birthday, but because football season starts, fall weather starts to kick in, and so does fall fashion (BOOTS!)

This fall, we have a few things on our agenda. My 30th birthday party, for one. The first weekend in October, my entire family is headed to Green Bay, Wisconsin to attend my first Packers game! Another wedding in November. AND we just booked a trip to Europe—again!

People keep asking why we are going back to Europe (we just went last winter), and I don't really understand the question. Why wouldn't we go? We love traveling, we can afford to do so (thanks to the husband being a frequent traveler for work, the majority of our trips are paid for on points/miles), we don't have kids at this point, we can get the time off work...the list goes on. As we see it, now is the time to take advantage of situations like this. We won't be childless forever (hopefully), so why not do it while we can? As I said a few months ago...YOLO.

So, back to Europe we go, this time over Thanksgiving, and this time to Spain and Portugal. I can't wait. I lived in Santiago de Compostela for 5 months during college and it was the best 5 months of my life. So this time around, I'll be visiting some new places with Bryan that we've never been, and I'll show him some of my favorite cities. As all of our trips tend to be, mostly because we're together, I'm sure it will be fabulous!

Tomorrow, I'll update you on our dear friends' wedding from a couple of weeks ago, and later this week, I'll share some fantastic photos from our Labor Day weekend in Lake Geneva, WI.

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend and first day back at work.



  1. LOVE your blog, especially the bachelorette recaps (even though that boring ass season is over!) Hoping you will check out my little space, its been drilled into my brain that connecting with other bloggers is the way to grow readership!

    Keep on writing!

  2. Awww so jealous that you are going to Spain!! Europe ion general actually. Oh college hurry up and be done so I can travel too :)


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