My Best Friend's Wedding

Hi friends! Remember me? I'm sorry I've been MIA. As you're well aware, things have been...busy. There was the whole breaking my toe thing and dealing with that, then going to LA that following weekend. And last week, I only had 2 days in the office before I headed home to Iowa for my best friend's wedding!
Reunited with Sloanie!

So, I know I have a lot to update you on, but I must start with this past weekend, when I watched MY best friend marry HER best friend! Some background: She and Russ dated for about 10 years before he proposed last summer on her birthday. She has been wanting to marry him for as long as they've been together. They've done long distance, they've lived all over the country, and they've been through some shit together. (Haven't we all?) Yet, as I told them in my speech, they choose happiness in every circumstance. It's admirable to watch.

The weekend was perfect from start to finish. It was an August wedding in Iowa, so everyone expected hot temperatures and high humidity. Instead, it was basically fall weather. Not too hot, not too cold, and not a cloud in the sky. Brittany was organized, and though she had her moments, she was an excited, happy bride. The weekend was all tanning parties, wine, nails, errands, sparkling conversations, champagne, hair appointments, wine, luncheons, make up, champagnes and celebrating Brittany and Russ.
Nails & bridal luncheon!

Bryan was also in a wedding this past weekend, so unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it (nor was I able to make it to our friends' wedding that he was in). It wasn't the same without him there. After all, it was the last wedding of all of my bestest friends, and all of us were in the wedding, and all of our husbands were there. So, he was definitely missed, but it did allow for me to spend tons of quality time with my best friends and family! This was my first time home since June, so getting to do that was awesome.
At the rehearsal dinner. The story behind these photos is funny. It started out me and the 2 ladies, before one by one, everyone else snuck in. 

The wedding itself? It was perfect. The flowers were the most gorgeous things you've ever seen, and Brittany was STUNNING. Everyone looked awesome, guys and girls, everyone was excited. The centerpieces, the food, the drinks, the DJ, the venue...there's not one thing I can think to say that didn't go well, except that it went too fast! I was honored to stand up there by my best friend of 18 years in her happiest day and moments. I didn't screw up my speech either, so....score!

Rehearsal dinner!

Here's more pics from the weekend. Enjoy!

Fun at the local brewery before we turned in for the night. 

Getting beautified!
Pre-wedding limo fun with the bridesmaids!

Right before walking down the aisle, and party bus time!

Family shots!

Reception fun!

Mingle 240


  1. Goodness I love weddings! Your best friend made a gorgeous bride! Best of luck to them both!

  2. I'm from Iowa too! The wedding looks like a lot of fun :)

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  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :) her dress was beautiful

  4. Your friend looks fabulous in that beautiful dress! Thank you for sharing that wonderful event with us, Rachel. I can only imagine the joy you felt as you witnessed another important event in your best friend’s life. Aside from the chance to bond with your friends and families, having a pre-wedding fun at the limo was a great experience. I wish you all the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indy


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