A Note to Miley Cyrus: You Can Stop...and You Should Stop

I only wanted to see 'N Sync.

...said everyone who watched the VMAs and were instead eye-raped by Miley Cyrus within the first 10 minutes of the show.

Why, is the main question? Why did her butt look like a raw turkey ass? Why did she do that to my man, Robin Thicke? Why did he let her? Why the constant tongue flicking? Why teddy bears...fuzzy, cute, cuddly, innocent teddy bears?


I'd liken the world's reaction to Miley Cyrus' performance as similar to when Brit Brit shaved her head and went bat shit cray. Now, thanks to Miley, no one will speak of that moment ever again.

Searching for reactions to this via social media and using#VMAs, I found several disturbing, yet hilarious images. Here are my faves:

A Buzzfeed comparison between Miley and the dudes who invented "Suck It!"


A comparison between her ass and a raw turkey:

So many references to the need for Miley to do squats.

Her resemblance to Angelica's doll on Rugrats:

And so many tweets...306,000 tweets per minute, to be exact.

Did you guys watch? Were you as horrified as I was?


  1. OMG I just died laughing! I didn't watch last night but my friend texted me about Miley so this morning I got on youtube and WOAH....I couldn't even finish watching. It was like a trainwreck. Do you think she has sex with that foam finger? She's nuts.

  2. I'm sitting here next to my "Mister" and he SWEARS that the pictures of Miley's butt are fake.. "She's 20 years old, there's no way her butt would look like that, one of her dancers would have told her.." UGH! She should stop and the "Mister" should stop fooling himself. ICK

  3. I am dying laughing, this post is freaking amazing. I didn't watch the VMA's last night, but this morning when I got on Facebook everyone was talking about Miley.. So I had to find a video. I couldn't stop watching, it was a train wreck! I don't understand the whole tongue thing, or the teddy bears, or her hair.. Actually I don't get anything about her!
    She needs to learn how to squat.

  4. She's a train wreck, but for some reason I can't keep my eyes off of it! lol

  5. I just Youtubed it a little earlier since I missed the show…and seriously, did ANYONE like her performance? I think my favorite reaction was Will Smith and his kids. Willow Smith literally had her mouth hanging open. It was really gross. And her hair was strange.

  6. haha hilarious! I just did a whole post about her tongue, looks like i need a life. but seriosuly- she's just too much and her butt... no

  7. I was completely disgusted by her performance! She is a disgrace to the entertainment industry and the Disney channel. Poor Liam!!

  8. There is just too much Miley at the moment. Poor girl, train wreck!


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