Weekend Recap: ENCORE

Thank goodness for bosses who let you work from home. I am so thankful for mine who let me do that today, knowing that after THE BEST CONCERT EVER last night, I would be most efficient from the couch. Got a lot done, too!

However, I am writing to you this evening from the laundromat. Why is a homeowner like me at a laundromat, you ask? Well that would be because our house almost burnt down and flooded due a lint fire in the machine that broke the entire unit. It was going to cost $700 in parts to repair, plus labor to make it "functional" again, or we could just pony up $1500 for a new one. The units were about 10 years old, so we went with option B. Sometimes being a home owner sucks. Anyway, now I'm washing the clothes that smelled like burnt flesh, plus the towels we had to use to mop up the flood.

the damage

First things first: Welcome to the new look of Raves & Revelations! Do ya like it? I'm kind of obsessed. Highly recommend Shannon Page Design if anyone is looking for an upgrade!

So, you guys, I had an awesome weekend. I mentioned Friday that my sisters and girlfriend came up for the weekend. It was SJ's birthday yesterday, and we had tix to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert. (I'll get there). But basically it was just a lot of quality girlfriend/sister time. Just love them all!

Friday, we went redneck tailgating for the Pearl Jam concert. In case you don't live in Chicago, that means we camped outside a bar across the street so we could just drink and listen to the music. Had a blast, despite a 2.5 hour rain delay!

Saturday, the ladies arrived in the late afternoon. After some cocktails at my place, we headed out to Siena Tavern for pre-birthday dinner cocktails, followed by the real birthday dinner at Cantina Laredo. It was DELISH and if you need a restaurant recommendation in Chicago, I just gave you two. SJ's brother was out a bar in Lincoln Park, so we met up with him and did some SERIOUS dancing!

Sunday, it was a gorgeous day. We kicked the day off with a late brunch at my fave place, Frasca, and then packed up to head to the beach. After some showers and wine at my place, we headed to the cutest Italian restaurant in my neighborhood. Great food, delicious wine, awesome company...can't ask for much more!

I took Monday off work to hang with my ladies. We did some shopping (no girls trip is complete without it) but the focus of the day: PREPARE FOR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! I can't explain how excited we all were for the concert. We bought tickets MONTHS ago, so to say that there was anticipation was an understatement.

The concert was at Soldier Field, so we braved the heat and walked to the stadium to tailgate before the show started.

When we got to our seats, we still had to wait about an hour for the show to start, but oh my, it was worth the wait. It was seriously the most amazing concert I've ever been to. They opened with Holy Grail (uh uh HOLY GRAIL!), which defintely got the crowd roaring, and we didn't stop for the next 3 hours! JT and Jay-Z performed separately, they did some mashups (Excuse Me Miss and Seniorita, anyone?!), they sang together. I just can't even describe how good it was. Here's a couple of videos to give you an idea (and sorry for all the bouncing. I couldn't stop dancing! Oh and the tone deaf one singing is my friend, not me!).

I definitely paid for this amazing weekend all day today, and as soon as I get home, I'm going to sleep. Then it's back to reality tomorrow, and back at it again this weekend...the in-laws are coming to visit.

Night loves!
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  1. Oh my gosh lint fires are one of my biggest "home fears" so I'm constantly making sure it's emptied out and cleaned. Glad to hear that minus smoke-smell from your clothes that you and your house is alright!

  2. I was at that concert too!! So amazing! And so worth it.


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