I Told You So.

I'd like to start this post by addressing all of my faithful Bachelorette recap readers and saying,

"I told you so."

Who watched last night? There's not much to talk about except the dramarama that went down, NOT with Drew, like we were shown in previews, but with BROOKS.

I've learned a lot after watching this show like an asshole for the past however many years. The first thing I've learned is that typically, whatever they show you in previews has been twisted and manipulated is NOT what you should believe happens. The second is that they tend to use foreshadowing a lot (so progressive).

I told you in more than one recap that I could tell they were foreshadowing something happening with Brooks, mainly because Des was openly talking about how she loved him, and how she could see him at the end of all this. First: They don't "allow" the bachelor/bachelorettes to share how they really feel about people on this show until the Final Rose. And if they do share feelings off camera, they certainly don't show those clips. Also, did you really think they'd show her saying that she wanted Brooks to propose if he actually did? Hell no.

For those who didn't watch, don't keep reading, cuz I'm about to spoil what happened: Brooks dumped Des.

After two lovely one-on-one dates, we went with Brooks to visit his mom and sister, where he talked about how he was confused that he wasn't in love with Des yet. I was confused as to why NO ONE mentioned the fact that he's only known her for 10 weeks, and that it's NORMAL to not be in love yet. He said he didn't feel comfortable proposing at the end of all this if he wasn't in love yet, which makes TOTAL sense. What I don't get is why he didn't just tell Des, "I'm not going to be ready to propose, but I still want to be in this with you," and see what she said. I bet it'd have gone over a lot more smoothly than what actually went down.

What ACTUALLY went down was a whole lot of effing crazy. Blubbering "I'm sorry's" and "I love you's" and bleeping and tears...lots and lots of tears...she was crying, he was crying, she was hyperventilating, he was snotting. It was really drawn out and unnecessary, much like most things on the show. Brooks finally leaves, and Desiree tells us that basically, it's over for her, because even though Chris and Drew love her, she doesn't love them. Then we see Des walk quickly to the dock, covering her face, probably because she wishes she was wearing a belly shirt.

So what happens now? I find it very hard to believe that next week will go on as normal. There's no way she can say the things she's said and then the next week say she'll marry another dude. My hypothesis? Brooks comes back, or she goes home from Antigua and takes some time with things. I don't know. For some reason, I don't think she ends up with no one, even though that's what they are making it look like.

Still think Chris is the one she picks...unless Brooks comes back, and then we know what happens.

Until then...


  1. I am thinking Brooks is going to come back...I wish this season were over already so I could have my life back, lol.

  2. This was all so obvious from the first time he said "i'm not quite there yet" before hometown dates. I feel bad for her, but, in case Brooks won't return, know that she will make a "second best" choice just because she is tired of being alone. Just another tv arranged engagement to call off, no biggie.

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  4. Sorry, what? They propose? I have been reading your Bachelorette recaps and the only time I have ever heard of this show is on all the blogs I read. I need to find this show stat and just watch the drama begin. They are probably showing last year's season in the UK sometime soon I guess? *Dramatically googling

    1. Yep! 25 suitors, 1 man/woman, totally unrealistic dates for 10 weeks, and someone is expected to propose. It's SHOCKING that only about 3 couples have lasted from about 25 seasons...

      You're missing nothing, I promise, but visit RealitySteve.com for spoilers and inside info! (I haven't gone yet this season, but I usually do).

  5. ok, I made the decision to watch this episode before work yesterday and bawled...like BAWLED. Tears streaming down my face straight bawling! I loved brooks. I am hoping he comes sweeping back in for the finale to make it more dramatic. We all know it probably won't last, but it would be great to watch!


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