Happies & Crappies

Happy Friday, betches! Sorry. I shouldn't call you that, you beautiful people, you.

I'm SUPER pumped today is Friday. I've got a 3-day weekend ahead and my most favorite people coming to visit!

Linking up today for Happies & Crappies to dish on the ins and outs of this week.
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My two sisters are coming to visit me this weekend, along with one of my besties, SJ!
We're going to the Justin Timerlake/Jay-Z concert on Monday, and I'm about to shit skittles I'm so excited.
I got promoted at work! Slap a little senior on my title, give me some more money... everyone is happy! I've been working towards this for a long time (3.5 years), so I'm super pumped this actually come through.
My husband returned home from being away for almost a whole week! Addy and I were super lonely. 
Love them.
I got back to the gym (sorta. twice counts, right?), but I killed it while I was there! I also got back to the good old 5-2 pizzaz.
I got a mock-up of my new blog design from Shannon at Page Twenty-Two and I'M IN LOVE! Stay tuned...
Given my recent promotion, I updated my resume. I HATE updating resumes. Making portfolios sucks, too.
It's super freakin' hot outside. But, it's also summer, so there's that.
I only worked out twice this week.
I miss my Sloanie Bear. I haven't seen her since June and I won't see her until mid-August. WAH.
I think I won this week with my happies. Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. Great job at the gym! I love your full attitude towards life:) keep it up lady- you rock!

  2. You have the best positive attitude!


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