I'm writing today from the most exhausted of states: physically, emotionally and mentally. My body is bruised, mad and tired from consuming massive amounts of alcohol for the past 6 days in a row, and from being crammed in a car with 13 other women. I'm sad the weekend is over, yet thankful it was so wonderful; and mentally, my brain is still swimming in alcohol, which makes it hard to concentrate at work.


As you know, last week was my best friend's bachelorette party. The background: My task as MOH was to find somewhere with a lake and sunshine, with a variety of things to do, where we could all relax and celebrate the bride. The challenges? We were going over the 4th of July, there was going to be 17 of us, and Brittany wanted all details to be a surprise. Sound easy? It wasn't.

I made cards for Britt to open each day revealing our activity, 
and some bridal + guest bling!

After pondering the pros and cons of nearly every lake area in the United States, we settled on going to Southwest Michigan. It's proximity to Lake Michigan, small little lake towns, and abundance of wineries promised to fulfill every wish of the bride-to-be. The problem was, everyone else seems to have the same idea about Michigan, and lake houses that were available over the 4th that could accomodate our large group were few and far between. I began the search in January, and had the good fortune of coming across the perfect house in the perfect location.

The house was in Coloma, Michigan on Paw Paw Lake, which is just 15 min away from bigger towns like South Haven and St. Joseph. The house was brand new, 3500 sq. feet with 4 bathrooms and a bed for everyone. The best part was that it was affordable, which made it impossible to pass up.

Arrival at the house! Prepping the fridge and of course, drinks, for
the bride's arrival!

The pictures from our trip speak for themselves, so I'll just let you peruse those, and include any pertinent information below. In short, though, I'd call this our most successful bachelorette party (and I'm not just saying that because I planned most of it.) Everything from the weather to the location to the activities to the company was perfect, and just so enjoyable. It was a great mix of getting crazy and relaxing, which is all the bride really wanted, and she did so in the company of her best friends and family. We love you Britt, and loved celebrating YOU in all your bridey-ness! :) #happening

If you want to see all the photos, feel free to check out #brsbach on Instagram!

Tuesday — Night 1
We hung at the house, drinking, eating, chugging (waters for some of us), and giving the bride her next day's itinerary! We were going...wine tasting!
We left bright and early on Wednesday morning to hop aboard the Wine-O-Wagon, which would take us to about 4 different wineries. (Highly recommend, it was amazing!) Dinner was aboard the Idler Riverboat (it doesn't move, contrary to popular belief), followed by watching the South Haven fireworks!

Thursday—Happy 4th of July!
We hopped aboard the Elsie J, a huge steamboat. We had two captains and went out and cruised Lake Michigan, then went and had drinks at a fun bar called Captain Lou's. Then it was back to the house for fireworks and a BBQ!

Friday: Bachelorette Day!

Although the whole week was to honor our bachelorette, Friday was the "official" party. We spent the first half of the day down at "the beach" and setting up for the evening festivities. We started with a shower, complete with games, appetizers and lingerie for the bride. The big surprise was a woman named Lovece, and no, she wasn't a stripper, but a passion party consultant! She gave us her sex toy spiel and demonstrations, which we got a kick out of, and then we headed out to the bar!

This bar warrants a story: The Hawgsville Saloon is a biker bar, but it was close to the house, so I called inquire. I was told we would have our own private lounge, waitress and bar, and we'd be right in front of the stage, where a country band would perform.

We showed up to the bar and our "VIP" area was a table in the middle of the room, no waitress, no private anything. And the country band was a rock/metal band. Not quite what we hoped, but we made the most of it with dares for the bride and members of the group. With 14 of us, it wasn't hard to get rowdy and have fun! Most importantly, Brittany had fun, and that's all that matters.

That's all I got, kids. You kinda had to be there to know EXACTLY how much fun we had, but just know, it was a perfect weekend with friends. We love you Brittany Rae, and can't wait for the next big weekend: THE WEDDING!

How was everyone's holiday weekend?

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