Carpe Diem

If you've been keeping up with me this summer, you'll know that it's no easy feat considering I've been all frickin' over the place since Memorial Day. Next weekend (August 9-11) is the literally the only free weekend I've got until after Labor Day. - May you travel as far and often this summer as Anthony Weiner's crotch shots. 

I had big plans to do a 7-day cleanse in preparation for my BFF's wedding on August 17 (!!) and to generally do a whole lot of NOTHING.

That is until today, when I decided to throw those plans out the window and go visit my bestie in L.A. As my girl Taylor says, "when life gives you a weekend..." (Since that's all she said, I'll fill in the blank and say "YOLO.")

Seize the day, people. Seize the frickin' day.
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I Told You So.

I'd like to start this post by addressing all of my faithful Bachelorette recap readers and saying,

"I told you so."

Who watched last night? There's not much to talk about except the dramarama that went down, NOT with Drew, like we were shown in previews, but with BROOKS.

I've learned a lot after watching this show like an asshole for the past however many years. The first thing I've learned is that typically, whatever they show you in previews has been twisted and manipulated is NOT what you should believe happens. The second is that they tend to use foreshadowing a lot (so progressive).

I told you in more than one recap that I could tell they were foreshadowing something happening with Brooks, mainly because Des was openly talking about how she loved him, and how she could see him at the end of all this. First: They don't "allow" the bachelor/bachelorettes to share how they really feel about people on this show until the Final Rose. And if they do share feelings off camera, they certainly don't show those clips. Also, did you really think they'd show her saying that she wanted Brooks to propose if he actually did? Hell no.

For those who didn't watch, don't keep reading, cuz I'm about to spoil what happened: Brooks dumped Des.

After two lovely one-on-one dates, we went with Brooks to visit his mom and sister, where he talked about how he was confused that he wasn't in love with Des yet. I was confused as to why NO ONE mentioned the fact that he's only known her for 10 weeks, and that it's NORMAL to not be in love yet. He said he didn't feel comfortable proposing at the end of all this if he wasn't in love yet, which makes TOTAL sense. What I don't get is why he didn't just tell Des, "I'm not going to be ready to propose, but I still want to be in this with you," and see what she said. I bet it'd have gone over a lot more smoothly than what actually went down.

What ACTUALLY went down was a whole lot of effing crazy. Blubbering "I'm sorry's" and "I love you's" and bleeping and tears...lots and lots of tears...she was crying, he was crying, she was hyperventilating, he was snotting. It was really drawn out and unnecessary, much like most things on the show. Brooks finally leaves, and Desiree tells us that basically, it's over for her, because even though Chris and Drew love her, she doesn't love them. Then we see Des walk quickly to the dock, covering her face, probably because she wishes she was wearing a belly shirt.

So what happens now? I find it very hard to believe that next week will go on as normal. There's no way she can say the things she's said and then the next week say she'll marry another dude. My hypothesis? Brooks comes back, or she goes home from Antigua and takes some time with things. I don't know. For some reason, I don't think she ends up with no one, even though that's what they are making it look like.

Still think Chris is the one she picks...unless Brooks comes back, and then we know what happens.

Until then...
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Tales from a Wonderful Weekend

Happy Monday, pretties!

Welcome to any and all stopping over from Helene's fabulous giveaway! Make sure to enter after you read this post.

And so continues the whirlwind summer. Our last guests left on Tuesday, and Bryan's parents—aka, the best in-laws ever—arrived on Friday. Here we go again!

I think I've mentioned it a time or two, but I lucked out in the in-law department. Friends and family constantly tell me horror stories about their in-laws (to be fair, it's mostly the MILs). Mama's who can't relinquish their sons to another woman, who think they know best when it comes to parenting, and who have a very specific idea of how the wedding should be.

Not the case here. Anyway, I've mentioned how weekends at home can be chaotic and quality time with anyone is hard to find, so I love and cherish these weekends when we get visitors and we can get that necessary one-on-one.

So, although it was basically a fall weekend during summer in Chicago, we made the best of it by eating and drinking lots, snuggling up to watch movies, shopping and hitting up the theater.

Friday, we ate dinner at a cute little bistro/winebar in our neighborhood called Fork. It was pretty late when we got home (and we might have had too much wine at dinner), so we pretty much called it a night early. We did watch the movie Sideways though (anyone seen it?) was intense.

Saturday, we all slept in (another fantastic quality about my in-laws), had coffee and breakfast, and then got ready for the big weekend event: THE BOOK OF MORMON.

For those who aren't familiar, The Book of Mormon was written by the creators of South Park. It's a highly inappropriate, hilarious and uplifting religious satire about the Mormon religion. If you're easily offended, I wouldn't recommend it, but it really does have a bigger message that I think anyone would appreciate, which is that everything in life is open to personal interpretation. Moreso, it doesn't really matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in something. If you can see it anywhere near you, I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. (Although it was embarrassing when my father-in-law didn't hear something correctly and asked me to clarify. The word was CLITORIS.)

MIL and FIL got all the good photos...waiting for them to send!

That night, we ate at one of my favorite places in the city: City Winery. It has a huge selection of wines, both that they make themselves and well-known labels, plus super yummy small plates of food. Plus, it's got a concert venue that often has pretty kick-ass artists.

Sunday, we spent the day shopping at local boutiques in Lincoln Square, and getting the in-laws fitted for new kicks at Fleet Feet. Once they left, I fought the urge to go to bed at 4pm, and instead went to the gym. (yay! the fact that I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress in 3 weeks must finally be catching up to my brain.) Then it was a frozen pizza-beer-and-wine-and-dexter-and-RHONJ kinda night.

Other randoms from the weekend. Cutest niece ever, amiright?

Sami's Shenanigans
What were ya'll up to?
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Humiliation: Thy Name is Rachel Zupek

Happy hump day! My days are all mixed up due to my recent 4-day weekend and work from home day yesterday. Now that I'm actually in the office again, I am reminded exactly how strongly I believe that working is for the birds.

Speaking of work, you probably don't know that I started my career as a communications specialist at, where I wrote job search advice articles for MSN, CNN and AOL. Needless to say, it was a great way to start my career and boost my resume. (A Google search for "rachel zupek careerbuilder" will bring you to any number of said articles.)

This job also came with a lot of criticism. I got lots of hate mail, telling me that I was stupid and didn't know what I was talking about. Fair enough, considering I was 23, in my first job, and advising people on their careers when I had just begun my own. But they didn't know that.

My favorite of said pieces of mail came in the form of a blog post titled, "CareerBuilder Can Blow Me," by someone named Prattle On, Boyo, and with the following graphic:

He was writing in response to an article I wrote called Is To Whom It May Concern the Kiss of Death? In this article, I advised people to always try to find a real person to address your cover letter to. This is not malarky—this is real advice that I still give to people, and follow myself, today.

He starts by asking "what kind of weed [I] was smoking because clearly, it wasn’t quality stuff or else [I] would know what any stoner, or, for that matter, what anyone who has ever had to look for a job already does."

The best part:

Hey Rachel? Listen babe,  maybe you  previously worked in an HR Department (this would explain your cluelessness); or maybe you are simply a freshly minted college grad, and, Uncle Richie knew the hiring manager at the company and, that’s how you got your first job EVAH. But I have to tell you that dispensing the kind of idiotic guidance you did today with your bitchin’, 1980 Way Back Advice Generator Device to job seekers facing double digit national unemployment numbers was like showing up to an Obama rally dressed in your best Klan linen. You were lucky all you received was a civilized lambasting. What you deserved was to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

You can't make this stuff up. He then tells me to "pull my head out of my ass" and later, calls me a "silly twat."

But it gets better! He wrote this first post sometime in February 2010, which is also when I started at my current company. In SEPTEMBER 2010, he wrote yet another blog post about me, entitled: Humiliation, Thy Name is Rachel Zupek.

In this rant, he points out that after he "lambasted" me, I removed my name from the blog and replaced it with "CareerBuilder Blogger." Then he says:

"I like to think that she was so friggen humiliated for writing such a fucktarded advice column that she was reeling from embarrassment to the extent where she felt compelled to redact her credentials....Let’s hope that Ms. Zupek has decided to permanently refrain from writing worthless job seeking tips and found a more productive way to utilize her writing skills."

These posts still make me laugh for many reasons, but mainly because this guy cares so much about me and my writing career to take the time to write about me, not once, but twice. And also that he thinks he had any power whatsoever over me, and what I write. AS IF I would remove my name from an article because this nobody didn't agree with what I wrote. In reality, my name was removed from the blog because I no longer worked there. Not because I was fired or humiliated, but because I took my own CRAZY advice and found the name hiring manager of my current company, and sent her my application. It's so weird, I got a response—AND the job. Take that, Prattle.

Just wanted to entertain with you this piece of gold. And Prattle, if you're reading, thank you for your concern. I think you'll be happy to know that I am still writing, pretty successfully I might add, and I am trying my best not to do it in a "fucktarded" manner.

If you're stopping by from The Daily Tay, welcome! Sit and stay awhile!
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Weekend Recap: ENCORE

Thank goodness for bosses who let you work from home. I am so thankful for mine who let me do that today, knowing that after THE BEST CONCERT EVER last night, I would be most efficient from the couch. Got a lot done, too!

However, I am writing to you this evening from the laundromat. Why is a homeowner like me at a laundromat, you ask? Well that would be because our house almost burnt down and flooded due a lint fire in the machine that broke the entire unit. It was going to cost $700 in parts to repair, plus labor to make it "functional" again, or we could just pony up $1500 for a new one. The units were about 10 years old, so we went with option B. Sometimes being a home owner sucks. Anyway, now I'm washing the clothes that smelled like burnt flesh, plus the towels we had to use to mop up the flood.

the damage

First things first: Welcome to the new look of Raves & Revelations! Do ya like it? I'm kind of obsessed. Highly recommend Shannon Page Design if anyone is looking for an upgrade!

So, you guys, I had an awesome weekend. I mentioned Friday that my sisters and girlfriend came up for the weekend. It was SJ's birthday yesterday, and we had tix to the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z concert. (I'll get there). But basically it was just a lot of quality girlfriend/sister time. Just love them all!

Friday, we went redneck tailgating for the Pearl Jam concert. In case you don't live in Chicago, that means we camped outside a bar across the street so we could just drink and listen to the music. Had a blast, despite a 2.5 hour rain delay!

Saturday, the ladies arrived in the late afternoon. After some cocktails at my place, we headed out to Siena Tavern for pre-birthday dinner cocktails, followed by the real birthday dinner at Cantina Laredo. It was DELISH and if you need a restaurant recommendation in Chicago, I just gave you two. SJ's brother was out a bar in Lincoln Park, so we met up with him and did some SERIOUS dancing!

Sunday, it was a gorgeous day. We kicked the day off with a late brunch at my fave place, Frasca, and then packed up to head to the beach. After some showers and wine at my place, we headed to the cutest Italian restaurant in my neighborhood. Great food, delicious wine, awesome company...can't ask for much more!

I took Monday off work to hang with my ladies. We did some shopping (no girls trip is complete without it) but the focus of the day: PREPARE FOR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! I can't explain how excited we all were for the concert. We bought tickets MONTHS ago, so to say that there was anticipation was an understatement.

The concert was at Soldier Field, so we braved the heat and walked to the stadium to tailgate before the show started.

When we got to our seats, we still had to wait about an hour for the show to start, but oh my, it was worth the wait. It was seriously the most amazing concert I've ever been to. They opened with Holy Grail (uh uh HOLY GRAIL!), which defintely got the crowd roaring, and we didn't stop for the next 3 hours! JT and Jay-Z performed separately, they did some mashups (Excuse Me Miss and Seniorita, anyone?!), they sang together. I just can't even describe how good it was. Here's a couple of videos to give you an idea (and sorry for all the bouncing. I couldn't stop dancing! Oh and the tone deaf one singing is my friend, not me!).

I definitely paid for this amazing weekend all day today, and as soon as I get home, I'm going to sleep. Then it's back to reality tomorrow, and back at it again this weekend...the in-laws are coming to visit.

Night loves!
Sami's Shenanigans
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Happies & Crappies

Happy Friday, betches! Sorry. I shouldn't call you that, you beautiful people, you.

I'm SUPER pumped today is Friday. I've got a 3-day weekend ahead and my most favorite people coming to visit!

Linking up today for Happies & Crappies to dish on the ins and outs of this week.
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
My two sisters are coming to visit me this weekend, along with one of my besties, SJ!
We're going to the Justin Timerlake/Jay-Z concert on Monday, and I'm about to shit skittles I'm so excited.
I got promoted at work! Slap a little senior on my title, give me some more money... everyone is happy! I've been working towards this for a long time (3.5 years), so I'm super pumped this actually come through.
My husband returned home from being away for almost a whole week! Addy and I were super lonely. 
Love them.
I got back to the gym (sorta. twice counts, right?), but I killed it while I was there! I also got back to the good old 5-2 pizzaz.
I got a mock-up of my new blog design from Shannon at Page Twenty-Two and I'M IN LOVE! Stay tuned...
Given my recent promotion, I updated my resume. I HATE updating resumes. Making portfolios sucks, too.
It's super freakin' hot outside. But, it's also summer, so there's that.
I only worked out twice this week.
I miss my Sloanie Bear. I haven't seen her since June and I won't see her until mid-August. WAH.
I think I won this week with my happies. Have a great weekend ya'll!
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What I'm Watching: Summer Edition

IT'S WEDNESDAY! Sure, it'd be cooler if it was Friday, but let's just be happy with what we're given, shall we?

Fully intended to give you a summer reading list today, but alas, I don't have time. There's something called work that needs to be done, and a reading list requires thought.

A television list, however, does not.

As you may or not know, I love television. I could (and do) spend days just watchin' the tube, and it's how I prefer to spend most evenings. But TV in the summer is hard to come by, unless you're me, and you have the innate ability to pick some of the worst best crap on TV to entertain yourself.

Well, that's not true. A lot of the show I watch are TRULY good television, but many, I'm afraid, are not. Either way, if you're looking for a way to spend a rainy day this summer, do yourself a favor and track down any one of these shows for pure entertainment.

Laguna Beach/The Hills: They've been playing both from the beginning on MTV's "RetroBrunch." I discovered it one morning last while getting ready for work and got so addicted (again), that I almost called in sick to work. Instead, I hit 'record' on the DVR and have since recorded the 5-6 episodes they play every morning. IT'S AMAZING, YOU GUYS. It's kind of fascinating to watch it so many years later, knowing where all these people have ended up. I've also taken to looking everyone up on Instagram (and following them), and Googling where they are now. Let me add: Heidi has been a train wreck from the first time we saw her in Season 2 of LB. Also let me add: Season 3 of LB sucked.

Real Housewives (of New Jersey and the OC): Ya'll know how I feel about Real Housewives of (Insert City Here). They are the craziest bunch of bitches I have ever watched, and I can't get enough. Currently, the New Jersey cast is at some retreat to try and fix Teresa's crazy, and they have to call the police due a Guido fight breaking out. In the OC, the ladies just finished up with a trip to Whistler that involved fights on top of a mountain and one of them getting her tongue stuck to an ice wall. (I did that once. Licked snow off the bumper of a car and my tongue got stuck. #thathappened.)

Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. This is a great show to watch if you're looking a boost in self-esteem. It features five couples, each featured on a past episode of Bridezillas. These couples are having marriage problems (usually due to the wife being a raging bitch), and are now seeking counseling by staying in a house with other couples who have issues. They have daily activities and counseling sessions, and it is really just drama, drama, drama. Perfect to have in the background while you're cleaning, folding laundry, etc.

Mistresses: I was hesitant to watch this show, mostly because all the previews played that stupid Selena Gomez song. But, when searching Hulu at the gym for a show to keep my occupied while on the treadmill, I gave it a try. It's full of beautiful women, gorgeous men, steamy storylines, and even murder. It's not all about being unfaithful as the name implies, but each woman has her own tie to the word "mistress" and the stories are actually really engaging.

As for the good TV I'm watching: It's pretty much only Dexter, The Killing, Ray Donovan and soon, Breaking Bad.

What's on your DVR?
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The Family Takes the Rose: Bachelorette Recap

Happy Monday, friends. Or, at the time you read this, Tuesday morning.

It's hometown dates on the Bachelorette, which typically makes for lots of awkward situations. Let's hope Des & the boys don't disappoint.

We kick things off in Dallas with Zak's family. The dates starts off with Des and Zak driving around the "family" sno cone truck. If I was Des, I'd run out of fear that my future would take place in said Sno Cone Truck, but that's just me.

I don't know if Zak's getting a rose, but his family should! I thought they were kinda awesome off the bat. That is until Zak and his siblings started singing a song. THEY SANG A FREAKING SONG, you guys. Granted, his brother and sister can sing, but I think that was taking the fame seeking a BIT far. After the horse and pony show, Zak tells Des he's love with her. Call me a sucker, but I cried. It has taken me until this episode to feel like I really like Zak, and now I want him to go all the way. I fear my dreams will not come true.

Drew's up next in Scottsdale. And YES, finally, we get the run and jump hug that I wait for every hometown date. First, Des and Drew go to see Drew's sister, who's severely mentally handicapped. Obviously, no jokes here, and honestly, I give Des props. I'm sure it's not easy to meet someone with a disability that severe and to do so with grace. Next they head to see Drew's huge family, which I can appreciate, since my parents are divorced, remarried, etc. Nothing too out of the ordinary on this hometown...everyone got along, everyone liked each other, Drew said "I love you." Bada bing bada boom.

Over to Oregon for Chris' hometown, which was, probably one of the weirder dates we've seen. All season we've heard about how if Chris' family doesn't like Desiree, it's a deal breaker. So first, Des goes down to get adjusted by Chris' chiropractor dad. The first thing that came to mind was "face down, ass up, that's the way we like to f..." I'll let you fill in the rest. Anyway, the family approves, yada yada...another boring hometown. Anyone disappointed by the lack of drama yet?!

And then we get to Brooks. Des says (again) that she loves Brooks, so I can't help but wonder what we're still doing here, but then again, it's TV. I also can't help but think this is foreshadowing at its finest, and sometime soon, Brooks is going to break Des' heart. In fact, the tables are turned a little bit here, because Des seems to be convincing him of their relationship and feelings, rather than the other way around. We'll see. Brooks is seeking serious confirmation from his million family members. Sidenote: Is Brooks wasted in his ITMs?  Brooks' mom gives her seal of approval, which is all he wants so...winner winner chicken dinner?

All of these dudes have really nice houses, by the way. After all of these boring dates, I really have no idea who she's sending home, but I have a bad feeling it's Zak.

Finally, something interesting happens: Her train wreck of a brother shows up. Interesting that Des hasn't seen her brother since the whole "Sean ordeal." These two are super weird together, and I think you can tell that they aren't close at all. Des runs through the list of what she likes about each one and her brother couldn't be less interested.

Ugh, here we go with another sit down with Chris Harrision. Fast forward...wait hold on. She straight up says she is hoping for a proposal from Brooks. I don't get it.

And over to the photos because she can't remember four guys who "love" her. Anyway, the best part of this whole damn show comes when all the guys are walking in, and we see her creepy ass brother lurking around the corner! I laughed out loud, legitimately. God this show is lame.

Rose ceremony time: Zak goes home. BOO! I feel bad for him, and Desiree does a horrible job of explaining anything. ZAK FOR BACHELOR!

Next week, everyone is in love and can see themselves with Des...cut to Des very upset about it Brooks breaking her heart!?

That's all I got guys. Who is going to win?! Resisting temptation to read Reality Steve right now...
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Weekend Update: More Bachelorette Shenanigans

Hey hey hey muffins! And happy Sunday. It was actually a pretty happy Sunday, too.

My hubby has been away at a bachelor party since Thursday, and won't be home until Tuesday, so it was a pretty quiet weekend for me. I'm still catching up from Britt's bachelorette party, so that was fine with me!

I spent Friday night in, ordered Chinese food and got a RedBox. (Side Effects. Anyone seen it? It's super weird, but good.) I spent most of the evening crafting, making koozies and stuff for my friend Kate's bachelorette party.

Saturday morning, I was up early to get ready for Kate's bridal shower at Mercadito. I've gotta say, it was nice being a guest, and not the planner! Her MOH's did a fantastic job, and we spent a few hours celebrating Kate with (strong) margaritas and food!

The theme for her shower was to get Kate and Matt stuff to enjoy on their honeymoon. I put together a honeymoon basket with books, travel stuff, personalized koozies, monogrammed luggage tags, beach towels, champagne, lingerie and their favorite candy. She loved it!

I had a few hours to come home and relax before the bachelorette party began. I had a cleaning service come while I was gone and it was SO NICE to come home to a clean house! I keep the house clean, but a good deep cleaning is always much appreciated. I FaceTimed with my sister and Sloan, and just relaxed for awhile. Then it was off to the Dana Hotel for drinks and appetizers! We had dinner at Quartino followed by bottle service and dancing at Paris Club. It was a super fun night celebrating another beautiful bride!

This morning I slept in until NOON! I can't tell you the last time I did that, but man did it feel good. It was a gorgeous day, so I went to the pool down the street to soak up some rays for a few hours. Came home, took a nap, had some dinner, and now, here I am! I'm about to hit the hay, in an attempt to get a ton of sleep so I can wake up for a workout in the morning. Here's hoping.

Nothing like intoxicated selfies with the dog!

Tell me about your weekend!

Mingle 240

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Hoodies + Hairgel: Bachelorette Recap

So, I totes wrote this post on Monday night, planned to publish yesterday and just plum forgot. (Who says that?) The point is, I haven't written a recap for a while, so here you have it. Enjoy!

The show opens with everyone arriving on Madeira Island. Blah blah blah and then GIRL TALK!


OMG, the Fab Four is back together again! Just kidding, don't call them that. But Des, Jackie, Leslie and Catherine get together to chat about the guys. Anyone else notice that we saw more of Jackie in this clip that we ever did in her season of the Bachelor? The only reason I enjoyed this completely fake segment of the show was when they were "spying" on the guys. Catherine asks, "Why is Brooks wearing a tank top?" and it was like the million dollar question that can be applied so many things this season: Why is wearing a brightly colored v-neck? Why is he wearing a brightly colored hoodie? Why does he seem like he likes boys?

Also leave it to Catherine who said, if you didn't catch it, "Who has the biggest penis?" and Des admits that she hopes it's Chris, followed up by "they're all going to be great lovers." Way to keep it PG, ABC.

Next up is the one-on-one with Brooks, which can be summed up by the following three words: "Snooze, snooze, snooze." How does she picture an exciting life with this dude? They spend their time repeating what the other just said. "This is really cool," he says. "It is really cool," she says. "It's so pretty!" she says. "It is really pretty," he says. ugh. And of course - the date was a DOUBLE metaphor.  Not only did Des and Brooks "break through the clouds," they "broke through their relationship!" And, they are on Cloud 9. A million times on Cloud 9. And of course, during their dinner date, we got the fireworks metaphor. God help us. Basically, Des loves Brooks, but Brooks isn't there yet, so...foreshadowing?

via ABC

Since she hopes he has a huge penis, it's no wonder why Chris gets the next (his second) one-on-one. They're going out on a private yacht—cue Titanic moment. After rubbing each other down on the boat, they head to a private island where we see Des wearing a hideous pair of white Keds with her sundress. They sit down for a picnic and of course—they write a poem together. These guys are so insanely cheesy. Don't get me wrong, I love romance, but...c'mon. I don't even know what to say about their dinner date. If you missed it, Chris basically wrote and read a poem that might as well have said, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I like poems and I love you." You guessed it: he dropped the L bomb! Oh Chris. I still kinda love you.

via ABC

Next up is Michael's long awaited date. I don't get these two. They say they have all this chemistry, but I don't see it to be honest. They do the whole "walk the town and shop" date that we always have, where they eat weird things and "buy" stuff, and then they decide to toboggan down the street. I had to fast forward during this scene after listening to the most annoying screaming coming from Des. I also decided she's incapable of describing experiences as anything other than "cool" or "pretty." Michael talks about his Daddy issues at dinner, while Des asks for the 10th time if a parent will like her. I think Michael's going home, but we'll see what the other date is like. (UPDATE: I was right).

Zak, Des and Drew head to the racetrack. Cue comments about hearts racing. "Love is like that rush of adrenaline that you get on the track." "The guys are racing for the rose." Des wants to see Drew let loose with adventurous Zak. I gotta say, Drew has grown me. I don't totally get the Zak thing, but I kinda do. Drew tells Des he's fallen for her, she cries and they kiss super passionately. The rest of the date is a snooze, and Drew gets the safety rose.

At the rose ceremony, Des basically says she's in love with Brooks, so...again, foreshadowing that it's not gonna work out? I'm personally wondering about the big bomb Drew drops. He obviously makes it through hometowns, unless he lives on a tropical island like we see in previews.

Next week should be interesting, as families almost always screw it up for someone on this show. (ie, Des last year.) Speaking of, Des' brother makes a return, which will definitely make for good TV.

Out of the final four, I hope Drew or Chris takes the prize.

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I'm writing today from the most exhausted of states: physically, emotionally and mentally. My body is bruised, mad and tired from consuming massive amounts of alcohol for the past 6 days in a row, and from being crammed in a car with 13 other women. I'm sad the weekend is over, yet thankful it was so wonderful; and mentally, my brain is still swimming in alcohol, which makes it hard to concentrate at work.


As you know, last week was my best friend's bachelorette party. The background: My task as MOH was to find somewhere with a lake and sunshine, with a variety of things to do, where we could all relax and celebrate the bride. The challenges? We were going over the 4th of July, there was going to be 17 of us, and Brittany wanted all details to be a surprise. Sound easy? It wasn't.

I made cards for Britt to open each day revealing our activity, 
and some bridal + guest bling!

After pondering the pros and cons of nearly every lake area in the United States, we settled on going to Southwest Michigan. It's proximity to Lake Michigan, small little lake towns, and abundance of wineries promised to fulfill every wish of the bride-to-be. The problem was, everyone else seems to have the same idea about Michigan, and lake houses that were available over the 4th that could accomodate our large group were few and far between. I began the search in January, and had the good fortune of coming across the perfect house in the perfect location.

The house was in Coloma, Michigan on Paw Paw Lake, which is just 15 min away from bigger towns like South Haven and St. Joseph. The house was brand new, 3500 sq. feet with 4 bathrooms and a bed for everyone. The best part was that it was affordable, which made it impossible to pass up.

Arrival at the house! Prepping the fridge and of course, drinks, for
the bride's arrival!

The pictures from our trip speak for themselves, so I'll just let you peruse those, and include any pertinent information below. In short, though, I'd call this our most successful bachelorette party (and I'm not just saying that because I planned most of it.) Everything from the weather to the location to the activities to the company was perfect, and just so enjoyable. It was a great mix of getting crazy and relaxing, which is all the bride really wanted, and she did so in the company of her best friends and family. We love you Britt, and loved celebrating YOU in all your bridey-ness! :) #happening

If you want to see all the photos, feel free to check out #brsbach on Instagram!

Tuesday — Night 1
We hung at the house, drinking, eating, chugging (waters for some of us), and giving the bride her next day's itinerary! We were tasting!
We left bright and early on Wednesday morning to hop aboard the Wine-O-Wagon, which would take us to about 4 different wineries. (Highly recommend, it was amazing!) Dinner was aboard the Idler Riverboat (it doesn't move, contrary to popular belief), followed by watching the South Haven fireworks!

Thursday—Happy 4th of July!
We hopped aboard the Elsie J, a huge steamboat. We had two captains and went out and cruised Lake Michigan, then went and had drinks at a fun bar called Captain Lou's. Then it was back to the house for fireworks and a BBQ!

Friday: Bachelorette Day!

Although the whole week was to honor our bachelorette, Friday was the "official" party. We spent the first half of the day down at "the beach" and setting up for the evening festivities. We started with a shower, complete with games, appetizers and lingerie for the bride. The big surprise was a woman named Lovece, and no, she wasn't a stripper, but a passion party consultant! She gave us her sex toy spiel and demonstrations, which we got a kick out of, and then we headed out to the bar!

This bar warrants a story: The Hawgsville Saloon is a biker bar, but it was close to the house, so I called inquire. I was told we would have our own private lounge, waitress and bar, and we'd be right in front of the stage, where a country band would perform.

We showed up to the bar and our "VIP" area was a table in the middle of the room, no waitress, no private anything. And the country band was a rock/metal band. Not quite what we hoped, but we made the most of it with dares for the bride and members of the group. With 14 of us, it wasn't hard to get rowdy and have fun! Most importantly, Brittany had fun, and that's all that matters.

That's all I got, kids. You kinda had to be there to know EXACTLY how much fun we had, but just know, it was a perfect weekend with friends. We love you Brittany Rae, and can't wait for the next big weekend: THE WEDDING!

How was everyone's holiday weekend?

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