Weekend Update: Brides, Rides and ... Dad

Happy Monday evening!

I've gotta say, I had Friday and Monday off, I had a wonderful weekend at home and I feel like this could be the week I make my blog comeback. By comeback, I mean, I'll actually post stuff worth reading. Here's hoping.

I took Friday off so I could leave in the morning and get home in time for Jessica and I to take Sloan to Burlington. Burlington is a town on the Mississippi where my parents grew up, and every year they have Steamboat Days, which is a weeklong music festival with carnival rides, etc. We thought it'd be fun to take Sloan down to meet my aunt and uncle (visiting from Maryland), and to give her her first "fair" experience. Plus, both of my parents were down there for the weekend.

In the car. She's supposed to be napping.

After dinner and drinks with everyone, we walked down to the rides. I wanted to take Sloanie on this helicopter ride, in which the cars went up and down and around. I marched up, handed the carnie 4 tickets and was greeted with grim expression.

"You're too big," he said.
"Excuse me?" I replied, aghast.
"You can't go, you won't fit."

Well I never.

After debating with Jessica on if Sloan should go by herself, we agreed that she should try it and the carnie agreed to stop the ride if she went crazy. We strapped her in and off she went. She loved it. She was all smiles and giggles, even going so far as to put her hands in the air. Think "raise the roof." We were so proud of her and couldn't get her off the rides for as long as she stayed awake. Awesome night.

Sloan in all her ride glory! She loved that huge slide.

Quick pic with my aunt Janet + Zombie Sloan

Saturday kicked off bridal celebrations for the beautiful bride Brittany! We all gathered on Saturday morning for a wedding invitation party complete with mimosas, breakfast casserole and french toast casserole. Mmm mmm.
Bridal shower awesomeness + the beautiful bride!

We spent the afternoon getting ready the evening bridal shower, hosted by Britt's aunt. She went all out, with an amazing spread of appetizers, and a seated dinner complete with centerpieces and name cards. Brittany had an awesome time, as did I. Britt's been waiting for this time for so long and I'm just so excited that it's all happening. Two months from today in fact!

Britt is the beautiful one in all the pics. On the left is our entire bridal party, minus two! Love my friends.

Sunday was a lot of great family time. I spent some time with my in-laws and then we all piled in the car and headed to Dad & Denise's house for a late afternoon BBQ. It was all about enjoying each other and celebrating my awesome dad, and Klint - another awesome dad. I might be bias. All in all, a lovely way to cap off the weekend.

Sloanie is just so cute. Her phrase du jour is "no way." Try keeping a straight face watching an almost two-year-old pound the floor, shaking her pigtails and saying "no way no way no way" in the cutest voice ever. That's what I thought.

I just adore that kid. Every time I was in her line of sight, she'd say "hi Chi Chi." And when I wasn't in her line of sight, she was yelling for me. In the morning, she came knocking on the door bright and early. I put her down to sleep and for naps, and she took advantage of me every time. By that, I mean, she preyed on my weakness, which is the inability to let Sloan cry. As a result, I spent lots of time rocking her or standing over her crib so she wouldn't freak out, until she went to sleep. I didn't mind.

To top things off, I hate coming home to a dirty house, and thanks to my lovely husband, I came home today to a clean home. We even got out of our Monday routine of TV and went to see a movie! We declared this an unofficial "do something cool every night week," so we're off to a good start.

That's all I got. I didn't watch The Bachelorette tonight, but I will tomorrow and I'll report back immediately. Don't spoil it for me.

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