Weekend Recap + Never Ever

Happy Tuesday!

A few things before I get to today's post: I had a great weekend! Friday, we stopped by Bell's Brewery on our way to our friends' wedding and tasted some good beers. Side note: We stayed in a creepy hotel on Friday night that had a hot tub in the bedroom. Addy was clearly not having it.

Saturday was our good friends, Paul & Megan's wedding. Everything was simple, beautiful and relaxed, and we got to catch up with a group of friends we don't often see. It's always nice to see a bride and groom who are having a blast and just enjoying every moment!

Now onto today's post....linking up with a few lovelies for a quick game of...

Never Ever Ever...

have I been so excited for a bachelorette party! A week from today we're heading to a surprise location to shower my bestie with love!

have I wanted to blab a secret! I don't keep things from my best friend, and knowing all of the fun things we have planned for her, I just want to tell her! She's gonna die.

have I felt like as big of a loser as I did last night. While the rest of Chicago erupted in excitement over the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, I worked on bachelorette party crafts and watched The Bachelorette. (Logical thinking, no?) I was mainly pouting because it was a fast day and I couldn't drink.

have I been so anxious for a blog facelift! I've finally started the process of doing a little revamping around here...stay tuned!

have I been so bored by the Bachelorette. There is not enough material to write anything funny. Guys have way less drama. I will say, Chris is my new front runner, with Brooks as her number 2 guy. Thoughts?


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