Wedding Wednesday: Happy Anniversary

Happy Wednesday!
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I mentioned last week that Bryan and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary last Tuesday. We celebrated with a trip to Savannah and Hilton Head, and it was wonderful.

Last year, we went to Santa Barbara, which was also fabulous. When we were there, we found ourself clinking a lot of glasses — aka, drinking a lot and toasting. So we started toasting each other. We'd take turns and there were no requirements, other than the toast had to be about each other, or our marriage. I know it sounds cheesy. But it was super romantic and I loved it.

You all know how it is - you say I love you every day, but you don't often say the little things you appreciate about one another. We did the same thing this year and it was a really great way to reconnect and tell each other what we love and look forward to in life.

In any case, in honor of our wedding anniversary, I wanted to share something very special: Our wedding highlights! One of our biggest investments in our wedding was the videographer and when you see this video, you'll see why. For us, we knew the day was going to be such a whirlwind of activity and we wanted something to be able to watch year after year and relive it all. The video I'm sharing with you is just the highlights - our full video is even more amazing.

I hope you enjoy it! (P.S. I recommend watching it fullscreen to get the full effect!)



  1. Oh wow, that is such a beautiful video - the speech is so touching! I don't even know you and I cried a little bit!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Getting a videographer was a HUGE thing for me and luckily my fiance understands. Having amazing pictures was also a big deal to me, so we are paying for both of those things ourselves.

    And we are doing that because I KNOW the day will fly by so I am so excited to have a video to look back on and remember things that I know I won't even notice!

    Oh and I have to know who your videographer is! Gorgeous video!!

  3. ohhh s sweet! happy anniversary!

  4. ahhh! I LOVE it! So jealous! I think we're going to do the low-budget version...womp womp. Seriously that is an incredible video!

  5. Beauiful video! I thought investing in a good videographer was the BEST decision we could have made!! I love a good rustic wedding, and yours looks perfect!

  6. I still watch that all of the time- though I hate hearing myself talk lol. I made Matt watch the whole video sometime ago...I wish we could afford the same videographer!


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