Friday Letters

Dear Friday, thanks for showing up on time and with consistency every week. You'll always be something I look forward to.

Dear 5-2 diet, unless I start some results soon, I quit you. Starving myself two days a week is just not worth it.

Dear back fat, I have a backless bridesmaid dress to get into soon, so can ya hit the road already?

Dear Kanye & Kim, seriously? Kimye would have been a better name than North. If you want to call her "Nori," just name her Nori.

Dear unofficial "do something cool every day" week, you've been pretty delightful. We saw a movie, went to trivia, visited Miller Coors headquarters (coolest offices ever! They have a pub that serves free beer all day, every day!) and I got to see my besties. Wins all around.

Dear Paul & Megan, thank you for getting married tomorrow. I love a good wedding and you're kicking off the season!

Dear spontaneous trip Bryan and I decided to take for the night, I'm excited to hit the road with my husband and pup, visit some breweries and a new place!

Dear July 4 weekend, GET HERE ALREADY! I am pumped for 4 days of fun with my girls to celebrate Britt's bachelorette!

On that note, I am out for a fun weekend in Indiana! Stay Classy, Chicago.


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