30 Before 30: Update

First and foremost, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Second, if you're stopping by from Helene in Between, WELCOME! And thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll stay awhile. Sidenote: Helene's got a GIF of Anna Kendrick on her blog today. I've had about 10 people tell me I look like her recently. Not the worst person to look like, I suppose!

Being that today is June 28 and my 30th birthday is exactly 3 months from today, I thought it would be a good time to update you on where I'm at with my 30 before 30 list. (I'm actually a little scared to do this, but here goes nothin'.)

1. Complete a Tough Mudder  (Check it out!)
2. Lose 5 pounds (I've lost 2!)
3. Read 50 books (I need to count, but I think I've met this. Book blog coming soon!)
4. Start writing my own book (Nope. Damnit.)
5. Reach 250 blog followers (Nope. Maybe today. Follow people!)
6. Get a promotion (Find out next week!)
7. Pay off all debt except mortgage (YES! We did this in May, thanks to a settlement I received from breaking my nose in a cab accident. Eased the pain a bit.)
8. Pay for someone's meal anonymously (No day like today!)
9. Travel to 5 new places 
(I completed this goal in Europe, but plan for several more trips before September!)
10. Eat something I'd never normally order
(Also achieved in Europe when I tried duck & veal liver. As in, the livers of both.)
11. Host a party (Check! I hosted a Blind Winetasting this spring!)
12. Be featured on Taylor's The Browse Blog (Still waiting...)
13. Redesign the blog (Currently in progress!! SO EXCITED!)
14. Be nominated for a Rock Star award at my company (Nope.)
15. Drink beer in Belgium (See here!)
16. Go to Green Bay Packer's game (Dad & family are taking me for my bday, so this will have a big ol' CHECK by it!)
17. Visit Ashley in California (Planning for the fall!)
18. Throw an amazing bachelorette party for my bestie! (HAPPENING NEXT WEEK! CHECK!)
19. Go to 3 concerts (On the docket this month: Pearl Jam, Justin Timberlake/JayZ, Lollapolooza. CHECK!)
20. Cook 3-4 times per week (Eh, I'm getting there...)
21. Get a massage (CHECK! Done on our lovely anniversary trip!)
22. Paint something (Crap I never wrote this post.)
23. Make 2 new friends (Wamp wamp)
24. Drink wine in wine country (Does it count that I've done this before?)
25. Meet at least 2 bloggers in person
26. Don't drink Diet Coke for a month 
(CHECK! Thanks, Lent!)
27. Disconnect from all social media for a weekend (Can't...do it)
28. Send one card to someone at least once/month, just because (Sure have!)
29. Buy new living room furniture (this remind me I wanted to do this...)
30. Babies! (Technically, I want this to happen after 30...so no, no babies.)

So looks like I'm about halfway done...not too bad!

What do you guys think of my list?


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