Weekend Update: Spring is Here

Hey, peeps. And Happy Monday.

Sorry I've been MIA, ya'll. Between last week and some news I received today, this has been hands down, one of the worst weeks. I'll save sob stories for another post, and for now, I'll focus on the positive: I had a great weekend.

Friday night, we did absolutely nothing. Bryan had just gotten home from being gone all week, and I was drained for an emotionally exhausting week at work. Plus, I was worn out from the wine tasting I hosted the night before. (Another post coming this week!) I was sleeping on the couch by 10 p.m.! #I'mOld

On Saturday, we originally planned to head out to the race tracks in the suburbs for the Kentucky Derby, but tix sold out. Alas, we came up with a Plan B, which was to celebrate our friend Jim's birthday at a local watering hole. Given that we started drinking around 5pm, things got weird...as you'll see from the photos below. My evening is about as blurry as the photos.

Yes, that is a wine bottle sized beer. Yes, I drank the whole thing. The pictures that follow are a result of more where that came from.

On Sunday, I woke early due to pounding headache. I dozed until about 11:30am (!!) when I got up because I felt guilty for sleeping...it was too gorgeous outside! I did some things around the house (like put away all the clothes I bought at Old Navy on Saturday), and then Addy and I went for a cruise around the neighborhood. 

I swear, Addy is the worst walker. She stops to smell everything, pees everything possible, and when there's children within earshot, she lays down and refuses to move. Oh well, while she dilly-dallied, I took photos of all pretty things in our neighborhood, including her :) Finally, on Sunday night, Bryan and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by going out for pizza. There was nay a margarita or taco in sight. Hehe. We did have Pulled Pork Nachos though...that counts, right?

My loot from Old Navy. (Lots of neon!) Plus Addy & I snuggling, our Cinco de Mayo meal, and my amazing new boat shoes.

Some shots from our walk. Can you believe the mansion on the right?! Biggest house I've seen in Chicago. I started immediately singing "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

I spy Addy...

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather, and a nice mix of relaxation and activity.

My niece, sister-in-law and her boyfriend are coming to visit this weekend. First visitors of the summer! Can't wait.

What did you do this weekend? How did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo and the Derby?

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I need to go to old navy ASAP

  2. Found your blog through the blog hops! Love it! Funny story about the Sofie beer...The husband and I were in Chicago a couple of years ago..We went to this little irish pub after having quite a few beverages at dinner and I after I was done with the beer, I apparently HAD to have this bottle cause it was "the cutest beer bottle I have ever seen"...haha So I got a kick out of seeing that picture on here :)

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend -- totally been there with the wine-sized beer. Hope your week gets better - hang in there!

  4. Wow you really did stock up at Old Navy! Nice! Love those shoes!!


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