Weekend Update: Playtime with my Favorites

You know those weekends that you look forward to for so many weeks? Then all of the sudden, they're there, and just as quickly, they're gone?

I just had one of those weekends. Several months ago, I made plans with my besties for Britt (located in Iowa City) to come up for the weekend. We were to meet one of her good friends who's involved in the wedding, but unfortunately, she got sick and wasn't able to join us.

We managed on our own just fine. :)

Britt drove in with my mom, who decided to hitch a ride to visit her best friend, Kelly. And me, of course. We spent Friday night at Kelly's (beautiful) condo, drinking champagne, eating pizza and having sparkling C's. (That's code for sparkling conversations.) I'd say the theme of the weekend was Sparkling C's squared—you know, because we had (sparkling) champagne and sparkling convos!

Saturday morning, we were up early because Bryan was on his way out to complete his second Tough Mudder. Crazy man. In any case, we did a workout of our own, followed up by Starbucks in the sunshine. All we wanted to do was soak up the sun, all day. So we came back to my place, organized a little picnic to enjoy on my porch and had some bubbly.

Then, I took the girls to one of my favorite patios in the city. The bar is called Happy Village and it literally looks like a warehouse on a street corner. But when you walk through to the back, it's all picnic tables, strung lights and fountains. Plus, it's kind of a hidden gem, so we had no trouble getting a table.
Pond on the left; outside of the bar on the right; us en route!

Photo shoot during happy hour!

Continued photo shoot!

That night, we went out to another one of my favorite places in Chicago—a BYOB Italian joint called Lucia's. It's the most authentic Italian food I've ever had, ever. Besides Italy, anyway. Our night was capped with a little FaceTime with Emily and Isaac, who are across the world in Taiwan.

Cab fun!

Sunday was another beautiful day. Everyone was heading home but not before a quick beer and brunch in the sun. When everyone left, I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure since we're going to the beach on Thursday!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I'm so thankful for my girlfriends, and of course, for my mama. We always have the best time. They make me laugh, we can talk about anything and everything, and most of all, they make smile. Love you ladies. You're my jam.

Hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend, too!

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  1. That does look like a fantastic weekend! What a cute little bar!


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