Weekend Update: Drag Queens & Surprise Weddings

I’m always sad at the weekend’s end, but this weekend was a different type of sadness.

My BFF Ashley came to visit from California. You might remember her from this post I wrote in her honor when she moved back in October. It’d been 6 whole months since we’d seen each other – the longest period of time we’ve been apart in our 10 years of friendship. Needless to say, we were both more than excited to reunite!

She got in late Thursday night, and I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. I was literally standing by the window watching for her cab to pull up and Bryan told me to calm down and that Santa never comes to those who watch for him.

Friday, I had to do a little something called work, while she went to her old office and hung out with her old co-workers and boss. We rejoined for Happy Hour with Sara at a new(ish) wine bar downtown, where we enjoyed a flight of bubbly and a cheese plate before heading to dinner.

For dinner, it was girls night out and we went to a delicious Indian restaurant. I was an “Indian Virgin,” and my first experience was wonderful! Everything from the appetizers to the entrees to the naan was amazing, and I’d definitely go back. While dinner was delicious, it was also smelly, so instead of hitting the town as planned, we went back to my house instead, where we changed clothes and had wine and giggled until wee hours of the morning.

Saturday was one of the first beautiful days we’ve had here in Chicago in a long time, so we walked up to Lincoln Square to have lunch and do a little shopping. We were in the market for a new dress for the wedding we were going to that night, but unfortunately, it was no dice. No big deal though, we just had fun walking around and looking in all the cute shops that are in that hood. Before we knew it, we had to head home to get ready for the wedding that night.

It wasn’t just any wedding, though. It was a SURPRISE wedding. Awesome, right? It was our friend, Sarah’s fiancé, Josh, sent an email to about 130 friends and family saying he was going to throw a surprise engagement party for Sarah. He instructed everyone to get there around 6pm, dressed in cocktail attire, saying the surprise would happen at 6:30pm. The only people who were in on it was their families, the one person they each had standing up, and out of town guests, like Ashley (and me, obviously).

When we arrived at 6pm, the room was abuzz with guests, and around 6:30pm, their friend got on the mic saying that things were delayed a little bit. He babbled for a little bit before concluding his speech with, “oh yeah, and this is isn’t really an engagement party…it’s a wedding.”

People.went.nuts. Everyone’s mouths dropped, people were squealing with excitement, and a number of people made comments about how they were “underdressed.” (Then you shoulda followed note about the cocktail attire, amiright?!) We were all told to head back to the outdoor part of the venue, which we saw was decorated perfectly for their ceremony with lanterns, chairs and candles. Shortly after, the ceremony began with a tearful groom (so sweet!) walking down the aisle to cheers, followed by Sarah, dressed to the nines as a beautiful bride, with her Dad.

The rest of the evening was traditional. The ceremony was followed by appetizers and cocktails, dinner and of course, dancing. The whole evening was perfect and it was so wonderful to have been included in the festitivities. I may or may not have lit the Wishing Tree on fire. (It really wasn’t my fault.)

The dreaded Sunday was finally upon us. Ash & I both woke up sulking, because we knew that sooner or later, she’d have to go to the airport and head home. Sigh. We made the most of our Sunday though, starting with a nice long walk to brunch before we joined our friend Dana for her birthday.
Dana was also celebrating her birthday with brunch, but not just any brunch – a Drag Show brunch. This bar in the city is considered a “gay bar,” and they have a fantastic brunch deal on Sundays ($25 for food, unlimited mimosas and a cinnamon roll!), which is accompanied by a singing drag queen. It was very entertaining to say the least, and yes, I stuck a dollar bill in her boobs. First time for everything.

Needless to say, I had a fantastic weekend with Ash. We caught up on everything and spend literally every waking moment together. She might be the only person I’d never get sick of. I rounded out my evening by chatting with Sloan on FaceTime, and that automatically made me feel better.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a fun weekend you had! Glad you made the most of your time together!!

  2. Hi there, I'm stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday and am the newest follower of your blog! Seriously, a surprise wedding?! What a fantastic idea and such a huge thing to pull off. As a newly wed I couldn't imagine how much more planning that took.

    I blog at http://simple-sweetlife.blogspot.com/ and I'd love if you stopped by!


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