Currently I'm...

This has been a week, my friends. And it's only Wednesday. That being said, I honestly can't think right now, so I this post is the best I've got in me for 10pm on Wednesday night of the week from hell.

Drinking: Red wine. Typically I only like to drink red wine in the winter, and since it's technically Spring, this is out of character. Oh wait, I live in Chicago and it's still maf&*^ing WINTER. 37 degrees to be exact. - It's so cold I can barely stand the four minutes I'm outdoors every day.

Wearing: My sweaty workout clothes from earlier, with the addition of a sweatshirt. Hey, I worked out. That's as good as we're getting tonight. - I'm going to the gym so I can tell you I'm going to the gym.

Embarrassed about: The fact that I nearly lit my friend's wishing tree on fire at her wedding on Saturday. She posted this picture on Facebook yesterday with the comment, "They were tags, not fuses." Oops.

Stressing about: Work. I have client presentations tomorrow, Friday AND Monday. Yaaay.

Laughing at: My face. Yesterday morning, I burned my face with my 410 degree curling iron. Then I subsequently burned my palm and my fingers, so that was cool. #Sarcasm.

Wishing I was: Sleeping. I was up until 2am last night. But, my dedication is to the 5 of you reading this, so, you're welcome. :)

Eating: Candy and Girl Scout Cookies. I have such a sweet tooth. I'd be so much skinnier if I didn't like sugar so much. DAMNIT.

Thankful for: My husband. Always my husband. He brings me balance, and without him, I'd probably be institutionalized.

Excited about: Our anniversary trip to Savannah and Hilton Head next month. Can't. come. soon. enough.

Reading: Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn. It's the latest from the author of Gone Girl, which is basically the best book ever. Read it. now.

Ok, kids, that's all my brain can put forth right now. Gotta practice my presentation and get ready for the days ahead!

What's up with you guys this week?


  1. I was up until 2am too! sucks. Good luck with your presentations, you will do great. xo!

    ps- there are more than 5 people that read this, don't be crazy.

  2. oooo I want to read that! Good luck tomorrow and with your other presentations!

  3. Hi Rachel! Just hopped over to your blog. It's still kinda frigid here in Cleveland with a chance of SNOW even this week. Yuck! You still have girl scout cookies? My thin mints were pretty much devoured in like 48 hours.

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  4. Pretty sure you have more than 5 readers. Nonetheless, thanks for pulling through and continuing to post for our amusement. Even if it's sometimes at your own expense at least it's good for a laugh from me. Hope your week turns around for the last half and your weekend more than makes up for it.

  5. Just found your blog from Back East Blonde and I'm your newest follower! I have burned myself so many times with heating tools, and it is the worst!


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