100 Posts & Counting: What Blogging Means to Me

Happy Monday, friends! Sorry for my absence last week, but I was putting in crazy hours with work and by the time I got home, the energy left in my body was just enough sink into my couch with a glass of wine and zone out watching Real Housewives crap.

I don't even really have a weekend update for you, because we didn't do much, and what we did do, I didn't photograph. Our weekend in a nutshell: Happy hour on Friday, gym + dinner + a going away party on Saturday night, and gym + dinner & beers on a patio on Sunday night to enjoy warm weather — FINALLY.

Signing in this morning, I noticed something exciting—this is my 100th blog post! {round of applause!} In celebration, I'm going to list 100 things I've learned about blogging.


No, I won't bore you with that, but instead I thought I'd share a little bit about what blogging means to me.

All my life, I've loved writing and creating. Growing up, I always had journals. I wrote two books when I was in elementary school (hard cover, thank you very much). I was always creating, whether it was a drawing or a friendship bracelet. I was in the highest spelling and reading levels, I read books for entertainment (such as the entire Baby-Sitters Club series, all of the Fear Street books by R.L Stine, the Ramona books AND Wayside School, thank you very much again.) In other words, I was a nerd. I was never the kid who didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up—I was going to be a writer.

As planned, I went to school and got a degree in Journalism. I've been working successfully for the past 7 years in "the biz." Somewhere along the way, I discovered blogging.

I'll never get sick of seeing my name in print!

I started, and stopped, stopped and started again, and didn't let anyone know that I was writing online. I'm not sure why. I think deep down, I knew my platform was not something to be proud of, so I didn't want anyone to know about it. Finally, last summer, I had an epiphany, which was that I had to stop making excuses. You see, I do love my day job, but if I have anything to say about it, someday I will be a novelist, who freelances on the side. I will stay at home with the kids and be able to write in the beautiful office of my Chicago home.

So for me, blogging has been a starting place for all of that to come to fruition. And here's why I love it:

Blogs are an outlet and a platform. This blog is a place for me to be my quirky, drunk, sassy, slightly OCD, sometimes too-anxious self. This elicits comments (and sometimes concern) from people out there, but just getting feelings, thoughts and stories put down and out there is something I love. Other people use their blogs for bigger causes, and I love that, too. We all have a voice—it's just up to us how we use it and where.

I want to remember. I have a horrible memory. Part of this is because I drink too much, and the other part is just genetic. So I write things down to remember. I capture life through photos and storytelling on this platform, so that one day, I can pull out my dusty journals or bring up this URL and show people what's happened in my life. Will they care? Probably not, but I do, and that's what matters.

Blogging makes me vulnerable. Any blogger or writer will tell you that putting your words and opinions out there for everyone to judge is scary. It's not all unicorns and rainbows. In fact, I once had someone tell me that I deserved to be "hanged, drawn and quartered" —all because I said that "To Whom It May Concern" was the kiss of death when applying for a new job. This is a post for another day. :)

In any case, bad days, sad stories and real life happen. I have opinions, many of which you probably don't share. But that's OK. Knowing that I'm putting myself out there makes me more aware of myself, and my thoughts, and I think that's a good thing.

Writing is my best self-expression. There's a reason people tell you that when you're upset with someone, to write them a letter, then come back to it and decide later if you want to send it. I feel that I'm expressing myself most clearly and being my most honest self when I'm writing it down.

Blogging makes me feel accepted. The men and women in this community are amazing. They want to see and help you succeed, they relate to you and your stories, and they share in the experience of everything. I know I'm small beans compared to many of the blogs out there, but I'll get there. In the meantime, everyone else out there has been nothing short of amazing in helping me do that.

I've still got a long way to go before I "make it" in the blogging world, or as a professional writer. But I'm proud of what I've done so far. I feel like I'm always improving. I need to stop thinking too much, and trying too hard to be one thing or another, instead of just being myself and writing from the heart.

People will find me. People will follow me. People will comment. Someday I'll advertise on the blog. Someday (soon) I'll do another redesign. It'll all come together in time. I've got faith, and hopefully ya'll do, too.

Thank you so much for being part of the journey so far. CHEERS to 100 posts! And here's to 100 more.

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  1. You are so right with this list. Blogging makes me feel somehow vulnerable and accepted at the same time. I get incredibly nervous every time I hit publish. I check the comments of my own blog even if I don't have time to respond right that second just to make sure they aren't mean or that I haven't offended people. It's a strange place. I'm glad you wrote this post and I'm excited to follow you as you keep writing.

  2. Yes to everything. I love going back and reading old posts. It's like a journal that people write nice things on. Congrats on your 100th post.

  3. Hey lady! I found your blog via Back East Blonde. I'm in journalism too and find blogging to be such a great writing outlet AWAY from news. New follower!


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