Weekend Update: St. Patty's Smackdown

It's Monday. Yaaaay.

I've gotta keep this weekend update short and sweet, loves. Mostly because my weekend consisted of a lot of drinking and not a lot of picture taking. And when I wasn't drinking, I was laying in bed. Around 9pm last night, my husband told me it was nice to see me out of the bedroom. I had only gotten up to tell him I was going to sleep.

Friday night, I kicked off the weekend with happy hour with my co-workers, and I also watched the Big 12 Semifinals, where KU advanced. Obviously. No pictures to share.

On Saturday morning, was St. Patty's/St.Paddy's celebration in Chicago. They dye the river green, there's a huge parade downtown and just about every bar is serving green beer. Shockingly, I didn't consume one green beer the entire weekend, but I was OK with that.

For the first year, we had a very loose agenda on how we'd spend Saturday. In years past, there have been huge groups and plans made weeks in advance, but this year, no one seemed really in the "spirit" of things. Mr. and I headed to my girlfriend's house Saturday morning for some brunch and pregaming. He was not happy to find that he was the only male there, but in my defense, I didn't know this would be the case. I was told there might not be A LOT of men there, but I didn't know that would mean NO men there. Thankfully, B can just roll with most things, so as long as he had a beer, he was good.

After that, we headed to Southport Lanes, which is a bowling alley/bar. It's actually a pretty fun place, with a huge game room with pool, darts, etc., and the bowling alley is a small space with just 4 lanes. It also has manual pins, so things took a little longer if you actually wanted to play. It was nice though, a friend of a friend had rented out the whole "alley" part of the bar and it was $45 all you can drink. Godo stuff, too, which is why I didn't consume any green beer. We played a game of bowling — I got more than one strike, thank you very much — before we headed to a house party.

I'm still not clear who's house we were at, but all I know is that it was a super nice condo, there was a crap ton of people there and things got real hazy around 7pm, so the Mr. and I headed home to order pizza.

Sunday, there is nothing of note to report (see bed reference above), but B did take Addy to get groomed in the morning and she came back smelling and looking pretty.

I'm happy to report, I followed all my own rules (except #3) and I survived another St. Patty's.

How did ya'll celebrate?

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  1. looks like a successful st. patricks day, and i did not follow your rule #3 since I am horribly pale right now!

  2. I want to see the river dyed green! That would be so cool! Glad you had a fun Saturday :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. oh my goodness...looks like tons of fun! Glad you had a fantastic weekend!

  4. Your weekend looks like so much fun! The rules are totally necessary -- forgetting to eat is always my major downfall.

  5. I saw so many pictures of the green river, last time I was in Chicago I saw the Holiday train so next time I better see the green river!

  6. Found you through the Mingle Monday link up. I grew up in Chicago suburbs. Now that I live in Mississippi- St. Patrick's Day is the holiday I'm most homesick (strange huh).

    Also Rock Chalk Jayhawk (my cousin goes to KU!)

  7. Great St. Patrick's gear - very festive!


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