Weekend Update: Productivity Defined

It's the end of the my favorite weekend of all time: The first weekend of March Madness. You may or may not know, I'm a Kansas alumni, so of course I love college basketball. But my love for it goes beyond KU: There's just something about the camaraderie of the tournament. Teams work their asses off to make it to "the dance," and once they're there anything can happen. Filling out brackets brings out a healthy competition among friends, co-workers and family. Emotions are high. Cheering for the underdog fun, but not as fun as cheering for a winning team.

And this is how my weekend started. I took the afternoon off on Friday, as I have in the past few years on the first Friday of the tournament. The goal: Watch basketball. KU didn't play until 8:50pm though, so from 2:30 until about 8pm, I did something I don't usually do: I paced myself. After a long, yet fun, and stressful (only b/c KU was playing like crap), evening, this a summary of Friday:

Saturday: For someone who spent the previous day drinking for about 10 hours, I had no business feeling as good as I did on Saturday morning. Determined not to be a hungover piece of s**t all day, I slept in and did a few household chores before venturing out for my first outdoor run of the season. It was slightly warm, at about 38 degrees (ugh), but the sun was shining and I was ready. I ran about 1.5 miles through Lincoln Square, my favorite neighborhood in the city that happens to be just North of our house. Of course, on my way back, I ran past one of my favorite little shops and stopped in to buy a birthday gift for my girlfriend. I spent about 30 minutes longer than intended, but can you blame me?
A few gems from the store.

I couldn't decide which sign to get. Off I ran home, and basically straight to my car. As you can see from the looks of our fridge, we needed groceries, so off to Target I went. 2 hours, $200 later, we were set with food and I was set with two new skirts and shirt. :) After a quick shower, we headed out to dinner to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday, which was followed up by Prosecco & dancing. Next thing we knew, it was 2am and time to head home.

Sunday: Although I woke with a champagne headache, it was nothing a big breakfast couldn't cure. All I really wanted to do was curl up and relax the rest of the day to make up for how active I was on Saturday, but no: Spring Cleaning awaited. Three hours later, the kitchen, living room and bathrooms were sparkling. Nothing is better than a clean house, amIright? 
I had about an hour before the KU game started, and relax I didn't - I went to the gym. This is major news, guys, as I typically do not work out on Sunday. I'm not sure what's gotten into me, but I am trying to lose some weight before this summer, so you gotta do what you've gotta do. KU pulled out a win after a horrible first half, I painted my digits, and we enjoyed some buffalo chicken that I had cooking all day. It was delish! (Get the recipe here.) And now, here I sit, enjoying a glass of wine and watching Revenge.

Next weekend, I'm off to Iowa City for Easter!

Tell me about your weekend!

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! What store is that? Looks so cute!

    Also, thanks for introducing me to Meg's blog! So cute!!

  2. Nice!! WTG on working out on Sunday...I ran on Saturday but after a big day/night out I was not feeling the exercise yesterday! But, I gotta start kicking it into high gear for summer as well!!

  3. Omgosh your weekend was super productive! I feel like a bump on a log now ;) That store looks adorable!

  4. Your weekend looks like such fun! And OMG Revenge -- drama!!

  5. I am a football/baseball girl and know nothing about basketball but I randomly picked brackets and as of yesterday afternoon I had 26 wins. I think that's decent? Lol no clue.

    Don't hate me, I picked NC so your game kicked my ass. I didn't know any better. Sorry lol!

    Thanks for linking up and good luck to your team!


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