Thank God It's Over: Bachelor Recap

Monday was just made better for one reason, and one reason only: this season of The Bachelor is over. Another 3 hours of my life wasted, not to mention the past like, 100 weeks. Spoiler Alert: He picked Catherine!

This episode is usually pretty straight forward and definitely lacks in the drama and humor of previous episodes, but there are a few things to note:

I think we can all agree that the men and women who sign up to be The Bachelor/The Bachelorette have it rough. I mean, traveling the world, making out and sleeping with multiple men/women, pondering life in the shower, infinity pools, and on bridges and balconies — can you imagine?

I would really love it if someone with a brain starred in this show. I mean, just once, could we see someone NOT say that he never believed he could feel this way? Can someone NOT say he's in love with two women? Can someone NOT think that after meeting the final two, his family will make the decision any easier for him? This show has been on for approximately 16 seasons too many, and not once has anyone spoken a word of sense.

Sean's dad? Sweetest man ever! I don't blame either girl for tearing up when he had one-on-one time, I thought it was all super genuine. Maybe he could be the next Bachelor.

Sean's brother-in law? Silent Bob. But hot...

After the girls meet his family, Sean is more confused than ever because his "mind never quits thinking." ...

I knew Lindsay wasn't going to win from the moment the show started. Mostly because when I turned on the TV at 9pm to start watching my DVR, she was being sent home in a limo. In any case, I felt bad for her the entire episode. Especially when her date consisted of being drug down a river of poop with a local eavesdropping in the background.

Girl rocked those daisy dukes, though. Unlike Sean, who did not rock the TURQUOISE TANK TOP he wore.

Let's see: river of poop or riding on an elephant? This is all we needed to see to know Catherine wins. I will admit that I teared up at her and Seans' goodbye at "her place." Critical as I am of this show, I like Catherine, especially in comparison to Lindsay, and I'm not just saying that because I don't like Lindsay. I just feel like she gets it a little bit. I like that she waited until the last time she saw Sean to tell him she loved him. I like that she's quirky, and genuine, and isn't trying too hard. Mostly, I like that she talks like an adult.

It was no coincidence that Lindsay was wearing silver and Catherine was wearing gold to the "rose ceremony."

Annoying as she is, and as awful as her dress was, Lindsay handled the whole "breakup" well. You could see the moment she realized Sean was breaking up with her and it was super sad. And who can blame her? One second he's saying all these sweet things and the next he says it's not enough. Loved when she kicked off her heels, told Sean to stop telling her he loved her, and walked away.

Sean is ready to pop the question, but not before Chris H. steps out of the jungle to hand Sean a note from his wannabe-bride, and Catherine drops the bombshell that...she loves him. It was a love note. Lesson learned people. Previews deceive.

Catherine comes down and I loved her reaction to the proposal. Having been proposed to before, it really is a surreal moment. In her case, though, I thought it was obviously that she wasn't even listening to Sean, she was just waiting for him to breakup with her. And when she realized he wasn't, her reaction was awesome.

 I could have done without riding off into the sunset on the elephant, but what are you gonna do?

After the Final Rose
Lindsay is just a little TOO nice to Sean for my liking, but again, I give the girl props for handling the situation like a champ (read: not like psycho AshLee). Sean and Catherine reveal they're getting married on TV and SOON. Thought it was sweet that Sean cried when they watched back the proposal. And we learn that Des is the new bachelorette. Yay?

That does it for me kids. Thanks for reading along this season! Really appreciate the support :) I'd like to say I won't be back to blog about this show ever again, but...I can't.


  1. Touche with the Gold and Silver medals I mean dresses...Love it Rach!

  2. I cried when Sean's dad was talking with both the girls...maybe it was the wine talking...but he is such a sweetheart!!! I would love that man as my father in law! Also - good observation of the dress colors of the girls! I would never had noticed that had you not mentioned it!

    Glad I saw your comment over at the Daily Tay :)

  3. I totally thought the same thing about the dress colors!

  4. I totally did not think of the dress colors!! Good eye on that!


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