Life's Best Moments: Weekend Update

First and foremost, Happy Easter, loves! Secondly, I apologize for the lack of posting last week. Between a busy (and short) week at work, fighting a cold and heading home for a long Easter weekend, suffice it to say that I didn't make time to blog. Here's to a better week!

So, as I said, we went back home again this weekend to spend Easter with the fam. It was a GOOD FRIDAY to have off (get it?), so I headed home on Thursday afternoon. It was just me, the dog, my book on tape and the open road. I don't mind driving alone for short periods of time (Bryan came up on Friday), so it was actually a nice few hours of solace.

Thursday evening, my sisters, brother-in-law, niece and Mama went out to dinner, and then my sistas and I just relaxed and caught up on the DVR. Thankfully, we all watch the same shows!

Here's the rest of the weekend in photos:
  1. Reunited with Sloan—and it feels so good!
  2. Friday morning breakfast=cake testing with my bestie! We found a couple of winner's!
  3. 2-for-1 happy hour = double glass of wine. (I promise it's not water.)
  4. Emily, Britt and SJ at happy hour!
  5. Kelsi & I at happy hour!
  6. All of us girls enjoying some cocktails!
  7. Sloanie and I before the KU game.
  8. Sloanie feeding my some crackers :)
  9. Aunt NaNa & Aunt CheChe!
  10. Besties for 17 years!
  11. Saturday morning snuggles with Addy and Uncle Bry Bry
  12. Swingin' on Saturday morning! Weeee!
  13. Happy Easter! Bloodies and brunch with my fam and Bryan's family!
  14. Bryan and I with Aly and Sloan
  15. My favorite nieces and me 
  16. Sloanie B. and me
Oh, and one mintor detail I left out: KU lost on Friday night. By two points. In overtime. They were up the whole game. All they needed to do was make a layup to tie it up and go into double overtime. They missed. I was (and am still) slightly bitter.

There's always next year. XX's and OO's!

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  1. Such a nice weekend. Always sad when these are over. It was weird not being with you guys today-seeing the pics of Sloanie and Aly make me jealous and I missed you all!! Glad you guys got home safe. Can't wait to see you again soon. XO

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend girlie! I love the photos :)

  3. As always I love to read your blogs cuz I love u so. However I am never (or very rarely are) in your photos! I'm feeling left out. Your biggest fan on the planet.....yo mama

  4. looks like you had a great weekend! after my weekend, my phone was filled with similar pictures of me and my nephews! :)
    and uhh, that KU game was such a bummer.

    so nice to meet you today. looking forward to following. :)
    happy Tuesday!


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