Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

Happy Snow Day! (I wish). It is snowing like no one's business right now, though.

So, the Women Tell All was predictable: The ladies showed up looking hotter than they ever did on the show in a final ploy to show Sean what he's missing. They tore Tierra a new one. There was a cry for closure from a few, while a few were clearly being teed up as the next Bachelorette. And in an unexpected turn of events, AshLee didn't mention her abandonment issues once, but she did show a whole new side of crazy.

Switching things up again for this recap. I took to Twitter to see what everyone else was saying and I'll weave my thoughts into that.

Let's skip to the good stuff, shall we, because no one cares about Sean and Chris Harrison showing up to a viewing party unless it was ours.


She looked good, no? Don't get me wrong, I like Sarah, but I'm over her. I don't believe her having one arm had anything to do with Sean not picking her, I think it was because she's a bit...boring.

A few things to note: Her dress was horrible. Her dent was gone. Her ring is out of control, and not in a good way. She wasn't wearing makeup. Starting off the segment by saying she lights up a room? Also, what's the point of her even being on this show if she doesn't own up to her actions? All she does is feign memory loss. Quick, someone call the paramedic.
Even though ombre is out (ignoring the fact that I almost did this to my own hair about a month ago), I happened to love AshLee's hair. I thought it looked amaze. I thought AshLee was good during the whole Tierra segment, bordering on being bitchy and being honest. Then came the part with Sean. To say he dodged a bullet by not choosing her is an understatement. Also, can we talk about the difference between her dress after the hometowns and her dress after the Fantasy Suites?
Well said, Sean Lowe. You're a witty thing, aren't you.

So many tweets about Brooke...who the hell is Brooke?
Speaking of Him, thank God we only have one week of this left.

Who do you think he picks? Any votes for Bachelorette?


  1. Lol, I loved reading all those tweets! Too funny!

  2. Oh my goodness so funny reading all that. I watched parts. Tweeted some. But wow, so people are mean. Oh well. I won't tell who he chooses.


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