Weekend Update: Family Ties

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm just coming off a long weekend, so technically this weekend update is not a day late.

I'll tell you what, 5-day workweeks are for the birds. Mondays off make the week go by much faster. If given a choice, I'd definitely work four 10-hour workdays if it meant having 3-day weekends all the time.

Bryan & I went home to Iowa City for the weekend. We haven't been home since Christmas, which I know doesn't seem like very long to many of you, but we do our best to make it home at least once a month. It's close enough and let's be honest: We miss our nieces, parents and siblings!

We got home Friday evening and I was greeted by my sweet niece, Sloan. She was sitting in her Daddy's lap and upon seeing me, she jumped down and ran over to me with her arms out. I swear, I almost cried. After some Sloanie playtime, we went out to grab some food and beers with my sisters, BIL and future BIL. Shout out to Matt, (future BIL), on his new job!

Sloanie & me! Lovin' her Jayhawk shirt, obvi.

Saturday morning, I went with my bestie and sister to meet with a potential florist for bestie's wedding. We spent a solid two hours "ideating," if you will, and came up with some AMAZING ideas. She's going with a cascading bouquet, while us maids will carry a beautiful arrangement of exotic flowers. Her colors are deep jewel tones (teal, burnt orange and deep red), which will compliment the bridal parties grey ensembles perfectly! I think I'm as excited as the bride for all the things they have in store. We also rendezvoused with a 200-lb Great Dane! Addy die if she ever came in contact with this sweetie.

Left: All of us ideating w/the florist. Middle: Our bridesmaid bouquets. Right: The Great Dane!

Saturday afternoon, I visited with my girl Emily and her baby boy, Isaac. Isaac's daddy is 6'6" tall and Isaac is following right in his footsteps. Send some good thoughts to Emily & Isaac, as Daddy is currently playing baseball overseas in Taiwan and they miss him a lot!

Isaac John in his bumbo!

Saturday night, my mom cooked lasagna for us, her new(ish) beau and my in-laws. I say "new(ish)" because although she just started dating him, they've been friends since high school, so he's not a stranger to my sisters and I. Anyway, I played with both my fantastic nieces, we enjoyed a nice meal, and after dinner, we played a raunchy game of "Cards Against Humanity." Ever played it? It's basically Apples to Apples, but with the most inappropriate cards you could fathom. Like, answers ranging from "Dick Fingers" to "Kids with Ass Cancer." The tagline is appropriately, "A party game for horrible people."Also, playing with parents is not advised.

Far left: Aly, Sloan & me. Middle top: My SIL & Sloan. Top right: Aly & me. Bottom right: Sloan laughing at her aunties. Middle bottom: Cards Against Humanity. Also totally inappropriate to be placed with the rest of these pics.

Sunday, we had brunch with my dad and stepmom and then hung out over at their place with all of the grandkids. More family time on Sunday evening with Bryan's family, and before I knew it, it was Monday and time to go home.

Top left and bottom right: Sloan & Melanie dancing. Top right: Sloanie 
working w/Uncle Bry Bry. Bottom left: Cooepr & I are tired after the long weekend.

Going home can be difficult at times, mainly because we have three different families to visit with, plus our friends, and someone always gets the shaft. As you can tell, it's not always the most relaxing time either, since we are always on the go, eating with someone or saying hello to another. Despite these challenges, we cherish our weekends at home and our families patience with us as we try to "do it all."

Sloanie made it VERY hard to say goodbye on Monday morning.

All in all, a great weekend! What did you do? Tell me and go link up with Sami's Shenanigans!

UPDATE: Over the weekend, Sloan would come to our guest bedroom door (next door to hers) and knock on the door. We'd let her in, and she'd come cuddle, play on the phone, etc. So my sister texted me this afternoon and told me that Sloan went to the guest bedroom today and knocked. When my sis opened the door and Sloanie saw we weren't there, she said "Bry Bry" with this sad face:

I mean, I can't.

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  1. The kiddie pictures are too cute!

    Also, your friend has great taste...her wedding color scheme is to die for!

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