Happy Valentine's Day!

Personally, I could take or leave Valentine's Day. The only real reason I care about today is because it was this day 13 years ago—yes, THIRTEEN—that my husband asked me to be his girlfriend. I'm only 29, by the way.

I was 16 and a sophomore in high school, and Bryan was a senior. Before this official first date, we'd talked a lot over email and Instant Messaging (AOL style). Long story short, we started talked in the first place because Bryan got suspended for showing up to a school dance drunk (oops), so he asked me to give him his homework for a class we had together. Pretty soon, all we did was talk, and he finally asked me out on a real date.

Bryan and I, in the year 2000.

I remember the day perfectly. He sent me a Flowergram (where you paid $1 and someone delivered you a flower during certain periods). That night, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Iowa River Power Company. I wore a red turtleneck with black pants. Bryan showed up with a flower and stuffed animal, and whisked me away in crappiest Camry you've ever seen. I remember the booth we sat in, I remember what I ordered to eat. After dinner, we came back to my house and watched Notting Hill. And, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

The note at the top was my flowergram. 
The others are some cards I've received
 w/flowers through the years.

An engagement photo we took in the same booth we had our first date.

That night, Bryan wrote me an email. Our officiant actually read this at our wedding. It is so sweet, so raw and just kind of magical when you think about what he said. I'll give you the gist of it:

The reality that for once in my life I've finally found something (you) that is everything I have ever imagined and more. Could tonight have gone a little better? Probably, seeing as it took me long enough to ask you what I have wanted to forever, but to me, this night was perfect. I'm gonna play parts of it over and over for a long time. I'm gonna go, but before I do, I want you to know that your shrine of pictures I am creating will be entitled "the one" because who knows, life is unpredictable. Love, Bryan

Crazier and cuter than the above love note? On February 13, 2000, Bryan told me he was falling in love with me. Basically, Bryan and I have always said that fate brought us together. If I had time to tell you all of the crazy things that have gone in our relationship, you would wonder why and how we are still together. Essentially, I never stood a chance not to fall and stay in love with this kid.

It pays to be a hoarder.
 Just a sampling of the cards I've kept over the past 
13 years, including my first "wife" Valentine from last year.

The past 13 years have been nothing short of amazing. Don't get me wrong—we have had ups and downs, of course. We've been through some really hard situations, and have experienced moments that have challenged us, shaken us, could have broken us if we let them. But we didn't. We found a way to love each other despite of and because of all these things. We've also experienced some of the most amazing moments, and we've created the best memories. We've traveled the world together. We've grown up together. He challenges me. He makes me a better woman. And I can honestly say, Bryan makes me laugh just about every single day. I feel so incredibly lucky to call him my husband, today and every day.

Flowers Bryan sent me yesterday so that I 
could "shine" a day before everyone else.

Happy Valentine's Day to my love, and to all of you!


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  2. Awww this is so sweet! I'm catching up on blogs today and I saved yours (the best) for last! I'm so glad I did! This is such a sweet story, and ps I love the engagement photo in the booth! Cute!!!


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