If I Were a Boy...

You're welcome in advance for getting that little diddy from Beyonce in your head. I wonder if she lip-synced that, too.

Joining in a link-up with Erin and Gay today. I went at this in that, if I were a boy for X amount of time, but then was going to return to being female. Because you know, girls rule and boys drool.

Disclaimer: just because I've written something, doesn't mean that I do or do not experience it with the men (or main man) in my life. Like, if I said I would treat women with respect, it doesn't mean that my husband, dad, brother, doesn't treat me with respect. Maybe it means that he does treat me with respect and it's awesome, so I would return the favor.

Ya heard?

If I Were a Boy...

I'd wonder in awe at the new appendages on the outside of my body.

I'd get a lot more sleep because I wouldn't have to factor in time to do my hair and makeup.

I'd eat whatever the hell I wanted to, because I wouldn't gain weight. 

If I did gain weight, I'd work out once or twice and have lost 10 pounds, easy.

I'd have a great sense of humor. Making people, especially your woman, laugh and smile is the best. 

I would not be ashamed to get a manicure and pedicure.

I'd know how to say I'm sorry and admit when I'm wrong.

I'd make damn sure I knew how to please my lady in the bedroom.

I'd sleep with a woman to see how sex is different for men. 
But before we slept together, I'd ask for a blow job. 
You know you would, too!

I would give the women in my life — mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters — a compliment every day, because I know how much it means.

I'd have guys night out. Is it more than sports, beer, poker and strippers?

I'd thank my woman for the little things she does.

I wouldn't feel the need to be macho around my guy friends. I'd be comfortable enough with our friendships to know that we can make plans to see a movie and that doesn't mean we are "gay."

I'd do my own laundry and dishes, and I'd put away my own clothes.

I'd pee in public, at least once.

I wouldn't be ashamed to share my feelings; I'd tell those who are important to me that I loved them.

I wouldn't worry about shaving, waxing, tweezing or any other annoying grooming habit women deal with.

What would you do if you were a boy? Go link up!


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