It's OK Thursday, Vol. 2

I'm so excited. For a few not-that-exciting reasons:
  1. I'm having drinks tonight with my bestie, Sara, whom I haven't seen in a month! (This actually is exciting).
  2. It's Thursday! (Less exciting, but still good news.)
  3. I remembered this link up, which I haven't done in 2 months! Perfect solution for my writer's block.
Its Ok Thursdays

OK, so I lied, all of these reasons I'm excited are all reason enough.

It's been a week, folks. By that I mean, it's been a real shitty week. Work has been kicking my ass, but such is life, so no breaking news on that. Thankfully, I, as do you, have Thanksgiving to look forward to next week, which means at least one day off work —two if you're lucky like me. :)

Anyway, my crappy week is perfect reason for me to join in on today's "It's OK Thursday." It will make me feel better. Maybe. Let's see:

It's OK...
...that I've had a crappy week. Next week will be better.

...that my Halloween lights are still hanging outside. They'll be replaced with Christmas decor next week. Or the week after that. For sure the week after that.

...that I'm being brat about vacations. I'm sad because last year at this time, the husband and I were on our way to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We're going to Europe in about 6 weeks, so I shouldn't complain...but it's OK that I am.

...that I just joined the Mumford & Sons party. Better late than never!

...that last night while I was watching the X Factor, I had to refrain from posting about how awesome the show is on my Facebook page.

... that instead I went over to Twitter and tweeted at one of the contestants about how she shouldn't have made the show. Mean girl much? I blame the wine.

...that I intended to start working out again this week. I went on Monday. Haven't been back since. Well, I did go on a run over lunch today. not blog every day. not know how to make my blog domain look like a regular AKA, I want to remove "blogspot" from the URL. Anyone?! not have a clue what I am getting anyone for Christmas. be OCD about certain things in life, like cleaning, clutter and organization. be happy about President Obama's re-election. feel completely and utterly out of my league when it comes to certain important "adult" things, like life insurance, even though I'm almost 30. Anyone? not be looking forward to tomorrow, a Friday, because I am booked solid with meetings. be looking forward to tomorrow, Friday, because I have no plans after those meetings and intend to sit at home on the couch.

What's OK with you today? Come join the link up!


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