I'm so sad the election is over and I'll stop getting bombarded by political commercials and ignorant banter on Facebook!

Said no one ever.

Today is a day for celebrations. And not just because the election is over. Or Obama won. Although, I will say that last night was one of the most incredible experiences ever. More on that later.

No, today I want to sum up some super exciting happenings from recent months! Most of these things involve diamonds and babies - two of my favorite things!

I touched on it briefly, but my very best friend in the world, Brittany, got engaged back in June! On her 28th birthday, after 10 years of dating, her man popped the question and made her the happiest lady in the world! And he made me a very happy bestie. Britt and I have been besties since she asked me back in 1996. That's a true story. For the past 16 years, we've been though boyfriends, breakups, smiles and tears. She deserves every happiness in the world and I can't wait to be her matron of honor next August! Love you, B.

You might notice in the above picture that two of those lovely ladies are preggers! Kelsi (far left) had her sweet twins in August, Hudson John and Nora Caroline. They are the most the beautiful, precious babes! I commend Kelsi - I can't imagine having twins as my first children and she is doing an amazing job. Love you, Kels.

In October, there were two causes for celebration! My beautiful friend, Stephanie (SJ), married her soul mate Seth. Seth and I dated for a hot minute - legitmately, it might have been like 60 minutes - in junior high. He broke his arm and missed school one day, which meant he was not paying attention to me, so I ditched him. You're welcome, SJ. :) Their wedding was fabulous and SJ did it all herself, down to the last detail and she was a beautiful bride. I cried more during her wedding than I did at my own! So sweet. Love you, SJ.

The night before SJ's wedding, something else huge happened: My baby sister got engaged! Natty is 21 (she'll be 22 in December) and her fiance is Matt. They're waiting for a couple of years before they say I do, but Matt makes her happier than I've seen in a long time and that's what makes me the happiest. It's a really strange feeling to have your younger sibling get engaged. I've watched her grow up into this amazing young woman. She's almost done with college and now she's getting married? I can only imagine how my older sister feels! Love you, Natty.


Back to babies. Ms. Emily (second from left in the pics above) had her VERY healthy boy at the end of last month! Isaac John was born at 9 lbs, 5 oz. I get to meet him this weekend and I'm so excited! He is a mini-me of Emily. Em is a trooper - at 9 months pregnant, she walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid in SJ's wedding and hung out until the end of night! I haven't gotten to talk to her much in these early days of mommyhood, but E will be nothing short of any amazing Mom. Love you, Em.

And last but not least, my cousin Nick married his lovely bride Carrie last weekend. As seems to be tradition in the family, Nick and Carrie dated for double digit years, too, before making it official last weekend. Their wedding was nothing short of elegant, from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception. I don't think I've danced more at any wedding! I had a blast dancing with all of my little (and big) cousins all night long. Love you guys!


That's all I got. Lots of blessings to be thankful for during this month of Thanksgiving. I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did, I suck and feel free to tell me so. 

What are you thankful for this month?


  1. Congrats to your baby sister on her engagement!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of weddings (happened and to be) and babies. Congratulations to all brides, brides to be and babies. Sounds like expensive months for you ;-) I am sure by now you are the queen of gifts though - bridal and maternal! Everyone looks so happy, I love it.

  3. Oh my goodness! What an exciting time! Congrats to all!


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