Feelin' Rosy: Friday's Fancies #2

On Fridays, I normally jump out of bed with no issues. This morning was more like a slow roll. I'm feeling like badonk, straight up, which is no way to feel on a Friday. So, happy Friday to you, healthy readers, but for me, it just feels like a 'yuck day.'

The worst thing about being sick on a Friday? It's the weekend, and no one wants to be sick on the weekend. At least not when I have—or least had—plans. Two college girlfriends are coming in town, and tomorrow I'm hosting a goodbye party for Ashley. Sniff. Tonight was supposed to be a belated birthday dinner with my husband (location=surprise!) but we're postponing due to my feeling like ish. You KNOW I'm feeling bad when I cancel date night and/or anything that involves a surprise.

Anyway, I am feeling anything but fancy on this Friday, dressed in my Iowa hoodie and ripped jeans (It's college football day at the office), but I thought I'd indulge in the link-up with {long distance loving} anyway. Today's theme: MONOTONE.
To be honest, I am 98% sure that I could not pull off any monotone look except for maybe black or grey. I read somewhere that in order to pull off a monotone look, you have to start with a basic color, play with textures and prints, and add a pop of color.

So for today's Friday's Fancies, so I created this monotone look in Rose Gold. I love me some Rose Gold.

Ain't that Rosy

Ain't that Rosy by rzupek featuring chronograph watches

I'm not quite sure who I think I am with this outfit, considering the entire thing costs $6,607. Without tax.

The good news is that my favorite item, the Ivory jewelry bracelet from Send The Trend, is only $5. Yes please.

Someday when I'm feeling better, and when I'm loaded, I'll get all of these things and show you a pic.

What's your favorite monotone look?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this look! I think it's perfectly executed and you could totally pull it off. Every piece you chose is just perfect. Great look!

    Feel better, lady!

  2. What a cute look!

    I've been so busy lately, I totally forgot to do Friday's Fancies. I even got the email. Gaaaaaaaah!

    Your blog is adorable.
    So glad to be following along, now! (:

    Alynne Leigh


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