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Have you ever had one of those days where you hate everything?

Welcome to my Wednesday. I think I need to go back and read my last post on perspective.

Anyway, I'm trying to contain my bad mood to within the 4 walls of my bedroom and the bottle of wine I'm consuming, so I'll leave you with a few thoughts:

1. Why does baseball exist? I'm less than impressed that these stupid playoffs CUT OFF the X-Factor tonight! How will I know if my favorite girl made Demi's team!? Will the terrible rapper make it!? Will the awesome group of individual girls thrown in a group get to the live shows!? I'll never know!!! Fall should be limited to football.

2. Nashville. Are you watching? If anyone answered 'no,' you can go ahead and leave right now. Just kidding. Please stay. Connie Britton is money; she has been since Friday Night Lights. The only thing that makes it hard for me to watch this show—besides the fact that I'm constantly reminded that Coach Taylor and Tami are not a real couple—is Hayden Panettiere. Anyway, go watch. You're welcome.

3. Snickers Peanut Butter Squares. Um, when did these come to the market? Have I been hiding under a rock? These are the bomb, especially because they come in a big Halloween bad mix that includes regular Snickers and Skittles. Bomb.

4. Old Navy Stuff & Save Sale. All I have to say is thank you. Tonight if you used your Old Navy card, you got 40% off. Three pairs of colored jeans, 2 pair of socks, 2 skinny belts, 1 tunic sweater, 1 blouse, tank top and necklace later...I save $90! Merry Christmas.

5. Giveaways. I'm trying to gain traction people. I decided I'll do a giveaway when I get to 100 fans on Facebook and 50 followers on the blog. So spread the know you want to...

That's all for now. I'm a little creeped out because my dog is staring me at me with her ears pinned back and I'm literally not doing anything but typing. Told you she was a weirdo.

What are your random thoughts of the day?


  1. REALLY wish you would have let me know aboutt his old navy sale. I am in desperate need of fall clothes. Also, I haven't been able to bring myself to watch Nashville because I think I will be too sad watching Connie play a different character other than Tami. I choose to believe Coach Taylor and Tami are a real couple.

  2. I looooove Nashville! I can't get past Hayden, though. UGH. But I loved Connie on American Horror Story! :)


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