Weekend Update: Sloan Turns 1!

Happy Monday. I say that with about as much enthusiasm as you think I did. I've got to make this post short and sweet because it's 10pm, I'm tired and I'm still working. The triple threat and not in a good way. The night could be made better if I had a glass of wine by my side, but I'm detoxing for next weekend, remember? Ugh.

Tonight I'm linking up with five30three, Join the Gossip and Sami's Shenanigan's for my Weekend Update:

The hubs was out of town, so I was flying solo this weekend, sadly. I started the weekend a little bit early and went to my friends' house for the Bears vs Packers game on Thursday night. It was great to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in forever, and the Pack won! Win-win.

Friday I worked a half day, got some housekeeping items taken care of at home and the hit the road to head home to Iowa City for the weekend. Friday night was low-key (just the way I like it), as I helped set up for my niece's birthday party, and then had some dinner and wine with my besties while we prepped for SJ's  bridal shower on Saturday morning.

Last week, I shared some favorite tailgating memories, and I've gotta say, it was strange being in Iowa City for a home football game and not tailgating. Maybe we are growing up after all? Wouldn't that be the pits. Saturday morning, the girls and I hosted a bridal shower for the lovely SJ. Then we headed back to my sister's house for a low-key bachelorette party. We watched the game, played some beer pong (and Dick Head Hoopla), babysat Sloan and of course, drank lots of champs. It was great afternoon and evening!

Sunday morning was the big hoorah, as we celebrated Sloan's birthday. I am obsessed with that girl. Literally, I am so overwhelmed with love for her at times, I cry. Say what you will. Anyway, her party was quite the affair and I've gotta hand it to my sister. Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, she planned and executed a "Bunny" party, because of Sloan's love for bunnies. Sloan was dressed to the nine's in her bunny onesie, tutu and bunny ears! There was a great turnout and I always love having all of my favorite people in one place.

That's it for me! Sorry to be so boring and quick. Check out pictures from the party and weekend below.
All of the party details:
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Don't feel bad about crying over your love for Sloan, I do it too. We are obsessed aunts over our amazing Niece. Totally normal. ALSO just have to say seeing Pat was amazing, and so is that pic of you, barb, him, and Christine...what a miracle!

  2. So impressed with Sloan's party! I feel the same about my niece, I cry all the time around her...or when I'm not around her, really. It's so hard to live far away while they grow up, isn't it? :( You're so lucky you could be there for her birthday! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  3. I should send you some other pics from the party. Yours are great, but I have some great ones as well! XXOO from SLOANIE BEAR and (me)! Thanks for all your help this weekend.


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