The Birthday Snob

Happy Friday, ya'll! And more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Today I am 29 years young. As is per usual,  such thing as a calm, no chaos week doesn't exist in my life and I haven't a spare moment to blog this week.

BUT I've been thinking about all the things I want to blog about. That counts right? Coming up, expect to see some goals for the next year, some reflections on my 20s, and why I think it's difficult to make friends over 30. Oh, and I've got another "To the" brewing, so stay tuned.

It's been a good birthday week. Monday, my husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire and a sweet note. Tuesday, my favorite girls took me to a delicious birthday dinner at RPM. (By dinner I mean 3 bottles of wine + 1 glass each, and some light plates. Oops.) I had lunch and drinks with friends last night, and this morning, my co-workers surprised me with donuts and Champs! They know the way to my heart. For reals.

This afternoon, we are headed to Seattle. That's right. For "the race." Ya'll, I saw the course for this bitch. It's 11 miles long, and there are 20 obstacles, many of which involve mud and jumping into frigid bodies of water and smoking holes. I mean, I just really hope after this is all said and done, I am like "That just happened. I just did that." Wish me luck.

Anyway, not much time  to write, but I just wanted to share this little gem of a photo with you:

That's right. That's me. I have no idea how old I am turning in this photo. I'm going to guess 6 or 7 based on the hideousness that is the couch I'm sitting on. That has to be from the 80s. 

In any case, so many things are amazing in this picture. First off: the couch. Second, who braided my hair this way? My mom (God love her) sure as heck didn't. I mean, I did own one of those books that gave you step-by-steps on how to braid, but this looks a little advanced, even for me. Third: nice bangs. Fourth: the Old School Barbie schwag. Fifth: I think it goes without saying that my face is priceless. My dad showed me this photo a couple of weeks ago and when I asked what my issue was, his response was that I wasn't happy with the presents I got.

Some things never change. I have always been, and always will be a birthday snob. And proud of it.

Perhaps the best part of this photo is my older sister, who's cut out of my version, but she's standing there in the original with her arms also crossed and looking at me with pure disgust. Like I said: some things never change.

I should do a {Way Back Whensday} about my birthdays sometime. I had some bomb ass birthdays. One included a cake shaped like a bubble gum machine, with REAL GUMBALLS. Say what?!

Anyway, it's sure to be a good birthday weekend (self-fulfilling prophecy?) Next week, expect great stories from the race (assuming I'm still alive) and a lot of sadness because my BFF is moving away from me. WAAAH. 

Leave me some birthday love!


  1. definitely lol'ed more than once, and I'm sure you can guess where. I know you are going to love the mudder once its over, everyone from farrell's had a blast. Don't be like bryan and be all serious...just have fun :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! love you

  2. Hap Hap Happpppppy birthday beautiful :) Sounds like you've had a good week!! xoxo


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