Champs & Wiz Khalifa

Man, oh man. I'm back from an extra long, four-day weekend, and I'm feeling exhausted and like I ate and drank my face off. Oh wait, I did. More on that in a minute.

Today I'm linking up with these ladies and getting you our bachelorette weekend update. This will be a lengthier post than most cuz oh boy, do I have stories. :)

The weekend started how it always should: On a Thursday. We had our annual company outing and this year we went to a Cubs game. We were treated generously with catered lunch, and an open bar at the game. I stayed at the "after-party" a little too long and was en route to a second bar when I decided to "Houdini" and high-tail my drunk ass home. But not before stopping at Taco Bell, which I clearly needed because I was doing such things as hanging off a bar and taking shots of whiskey.

Exhibit A:

Friday morning came too soon as I rose at 5am for my flight to Denver. But all was well in my world after a coffee and blood Mary:

We got to Denver safe and sound and spent the day doing airport runs and errands before settling into our 2-floor suite for wine and sparkling C's.

Now, before I get deeper into the weekend, we need to talk about Subaru's in Denver. The city is the mother of Subaru's, or Subi's as everyone there called them. It was like a freakin' breeding ground, and of course we fit in with our rental car. We fondly called it a "Lesbaru," because that's what we looked like as the 6 of us packed in real close to our Subi.
Sincerest apologies to anyone who takes that offensively. You obviously don't know me. - I want to drive Subarus with you.

Saturday was 'Bachelorette Day' for our bride to be, SJ. We went for a hike, then settled in by the pool for some sun and Bloodys.
This is where it gets good. Our plan for the night was to have a bridal shower for SJ, enjoy some games, drinks & eats, and be on our drunken way to tailgate for the Wiz Khalifa concert out at Red Rocks. Now, I'll say that I had zero expectations going into the concert. I know some Wiz music, but I'm definitely not well-versed. I was just excited to go to Red Rocks and hang with my favorite ladies.

So. Things went according to plan—for the most part. We had a successful shower and SJ was kind enough to give us all these AMAZING hats. They said everything from 'Haters Gonna Hate' to 'Young and Wild Free' to 'YOLO.' And they were mesh, and most were neon. Amazeballs.
So, rather than tell you every amazing story & detail of the concert experience, I'll give a brief summary. Basically, the concert rocked. I tried to hide a flask in my pants. I thought I forgot the tickets. I tried Four Loco. I had a man open the door to a huge crowd while I was squatting over the toilet. Red Rocks is amaze. Wiz Khalifa was da bomb. And I have never been around so much marijuana in my life.

Sunday was Funday, if ya know what I mean. We kicked off the day at brunch—and I mean, let's be honest, brunching is bomb. I always want to be a lady who brunches. It rarely happens but when it does, it always involves Bloody Mary's, bottomless mimosas, or both. On Sunday, it was the latter. We started with giant Bloody Mary's, before buying at least 3 bottles of champange at our first bar. And before moving on to bottomless mimosas. Bottomless BLOOD ORANGE mimosas, I should add, and they were fabulous defined. After making friends with our waiter and a group of guys, they showed us the town until the wee hours of the night. And by wee hours, I mean 11pm, because let's be honest, our asses were toast at that point.
Now, don't worry, I'm not gonna leave out all the good stuff. I asked my friends to help me fill in the blanks from the weekend to create some "highlights. Here's what we pieced together, so interpret how you will:
  • Getting called 'bitches' by people within 5 minutes of walking into the venue
  • And to that point, 'Haters gonna hate!'
  • Drinking Four Loco with 15 year olds
  • A young man opening the Port-a-Potty door on me
  • Dominating two separate groups at flip cup. Still got it!
  • Sticking a flask in my pants to sneak into the concert, and then pulling it out immediately when I realized we were getting wanded
  • The flask said Douchebag
  • Keeping a bar open an hour after last call — at 4pm
  • Floating
  • BMLOYT and PITV and PowerMoist
  • #hashbrown, #SorryI'mNotSorry
  • Jessica missing the bed & sleeping on the floor
  • Longest airport road ever
  • Assuring 3 young men that we were not a wasted opportunity because we could get them girls!
  • Giant Bloody's, Giant Margs, everything here is giant!
  • I'm Wide Awake
That about sums it up. Another successful bachelorette party and another great weekend with my bests.

How was your weekend? Have you been to Red Rocks? Any funny highlights you'd like share?


  1. haha I love your stories!

    Oh and Blood Orange Mimosas??? Sounds glorious!

  2. Fab weekend! One for the books. #oldballs

  3. sounds like you guys had an absolute blast-wish I wasn't so young and didn't always miss out on your escapades!


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