Way Back {Whensday}: Addy Throwback

My dog, Addy, often looks at me like I'm bat-shit crazy. Gives me this look out of the corner of her eye. A stink eye, one might say.

Bryan says she does this because I scare her with my kisses, hugs and attempts to dress her in clothing or play with me, like a normal dog. Blasphemy. He says that she doesn't understand what I'm doing when I kiss her, hug her, throw toys for her to fetch, or call her Pookie (or a variation of other pet names that are not 'Addy'). I call bullshit.

Have you ever read The Art of Racing in the Rain? It's totally changed my perspective on dogs.

I do not care what you say: My dog is a person. She cuddles and watches TV. She will sleep until 11am if we do. She can't stand to be alone in a room. She loves Sour Patch Kids, watermelon, cheese, and Bryan and I are convinced that if allowed, she could eat an entire pizza. She sleeps with her head on the pillow and with her body under the covers. She huffs and puffs when we kick her off the bed, and she sighs when we argue in front of her.

Things she does not do but that all "normal" dogs do, which further supports to my theory that she is a person stuck in a dog's body: She does not fetch. She does not devour her food in seconds at dinnertime. She doesn't chew on shoes or destroy anything in the couch. She won't eat my dinner if I leave it on the table unsupervised. She doesn't need to be let out at specific times of the day. She doesn't really love to go on walks. She hates dog parks, and other dogs in general. If let out without a leash, she will not run away. My girlfriend who dog sat for us once put it best when she said that watching Addy was more like "cat sitting."

Anyway, on this "Way Back {Whensday}" with Rachel, I'm not TOTALLY doing what I think this linkup is intended for, but, whatevs. It's my blog and I do what I want! I'm doing a throwback to my sweet Addy, showcasing her cuteness as a puppy.
You're welcome.

A little background on Addy, for those who have never met our little bundle of joy: We rescued her in October 2006. She was originally named 'Chelsea' and was just the sweetest puppy you'd ever met. We met a series of dogs who upon seeing us tried to run us over, peed with excitement, or literally bounced off the walls. Not Addy. She calmly walked over, hopped into my lap and immediately started nuzzling me. I was a goner.

We took Addy home that night, even though we technically were not allowed to have a dog at either of our apartments, and even though we had just gone "to look." Addy was the worst smelling thing to come in our vicinity, but we loved her all the same. We argued the entire ride home about what to re-name her. We finally settled on "Addison," because that was the street where I lived. 

Is she cute or what?

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