So. How 'Bout That Blog?

OK, so maybe I started this blog at a time of my life when there was a little too much going on to be able to keep up with it. After re-reading my past blogs (all SEVEN of them!), it seems that all I did was apologize for not blogging and then continue to not blog.

In any case, the summer and all its fury is over and I hope that, as as result, my time to write will increase. So, let's do a brief recap of the summer and fall until this point. The last time I wrote, Bryan and I were in the process of buying our first home. I'm happy to report that we closed on our first condo on September 23 and we're now officially homeowners!

The remainder of the summer, and fall up until now, has been filled with a lot of travel, weddings, bachelorette parties, weddings and travel. From Okoboji to Virginia to Nashville to Iowa City to Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., to St. Louis, back to Nashville and Iowa City...I've stood up in weddings for the best of friends, watched my best girls from college and been able to go with Bryan to watch his best friends get married. When you boil everything down, it's not much to compain about. (Except when you sit down and calculate the costs of the bridesmaid dresses, updos, plane tickets, wedding gifts, bachelorette girfts and the like). But even then, every penny has been worth it to share in those memories with all of our close friends, and I know they would (and hopefully will!) do the same for us.

Speaking of which, wedding plans are coming along nicely! I've done a lot since July -- thank goodness. I get overwhelmed at times, when I look at our budget and checklist tools, but whenever I feel myself getting stressed, I just try to remember to enjoy every minute of this and to be thankful for it. We're coming up on 7 months until the big day -- which is just insane, considering we got engaged more than a year ago. But, I've picked a gorgeous bridesmaid dress for my girls, we picked a monogram AND ordered save the dates, which we are picking up next weekend! Now Bryan and I will just need to have a little assembly party with some glue dots, address labels and a bottle of vino. :) I also met with my florist a few weeks ago, which was really fun because we got to talk details. This whole time we've been planning, I've felt like I have 100,000 ideas that don't make sense. But after sitting and talking with Kath, she let me know what worked and what didn't and I think we came up with a really awesome vision! Given the location of our ceremony and reception, outside in such a natural setting, we're going with that for our centerpieces, etc. We just want to keep everything really organic, fresh and natural -- think flowers, trees, grass, light, rocks, wood, etc -- while keeping an upbeat, fun atmosphere. The most important thing to Bryan and I is that our wedding is a reflection of us as a couple, and that in the meantime, we throw one hell of a party! We want unique and fun! Only 222 days left :)

Other than all of that, Bryan and I have just been enjoying life in our new home, exploring our new neighbrhood and all it has to offer! Oh and my best friend Brittany moved back home from New York and I am SO EXCITED. I never got to see her before and now I can see her whenever I want!

Up this weekend: Going home to Iowa City to get some wedding stuff done (picking up save the dates, choosing our wedding bands and possibly meeting with our day-of-coordinator) -- and to see family, friends and the Hawkeyes.

Until next time...
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