Neverending Story

My reasons for started this blog were two-fold. For one, I want to write. Writing is what I love, it's what I do, and at the time being, my job is not the best medium for me to do so. So, I figured an online journal -- for lack of a better term -- would allow me to do so. Second, I want to write a book. I want to be an author. I want to write fiction, a memoir, anything. I wanted this blog to be a way to provide fodder for something to put in print. While I love writing as a journalist, I find that I can't do my best work writing about something that I'm not passionate about. I suppose that beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway, my point is that I'm finding that I'm not writing about what I actually want to write about on this blog, for fear of other people judging my thoughts. I want to write about my family and friends -- not in a bad way, of course -- but I don't want anyone to take my words personally, or think that I'm "talking" about them. I don't want to write about work, because -- well, having been in the career sector for the past four years, I know that recruiters (and co-workers) can find this blog and read it at any time.

I want to entertain people with my words. I want them to be interested in what I have to say. I want people to come back for more. But I also don't want anything I write on here to incriminate me. It looks as though I have to make the choice one way or the other, and own it.

There are tornado sirens going off right now, which is strange for Chicago. As we speak, I am on the couch, lightning is crashing, thunder booming and the Karate Kid -- the original -- is one. If you're reading this, you may or may not know that The Karate Kid is one of my top 10 favorite movies, EVER. I am beyond annoyed that they re-made it, with Jaden Smith of all people. Anyway, I think I might have Bryan on board with having our wedding walk into the reception to "You're the Best," by Joe Esposito. You know, the song that plays at the end of the movie when Daniel wins the championship? Ah, amazing.

Anyway, speaking of writing and The Karate Kid, I have to go do some freelancing and the movie ended. Time for a new movie, a glass of vino, and a little work.

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