My Ongoing Quest

I just made dinner and was reminded that for a brief moment in time, I thought about how I could do a cooking blog, like on "Julie and Julia." But, then I realized that I don't cook.

I'm TRYING, however. In my quest toward domestication, cooking is a priority. As we look for houses, Bryan is confused as to why I want a place with an amazing kitchen. You see, at this point, Bryan and I don't usually eat the same dinner. He cooks eggs, or eats a bag of chips for dinner. Me, I try to make something every night, but he is picky about what he eats. Or, at least what he eats that I cook.

In any case, Bryan is at a work training tonight and I made dinner. You see, I am on two quests: One toward domestication and the other toward losing weight. Both are ongoing, neverending. To achieve both goals, I have been a big fan of "Hungry Girl" recipe books. On Monday, I made Hungry Girl Macaroni and Cheese. Tonight, I made pizza. Not just any pizza though.

You take a tortilla - La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious -- put it on a pizza sheet. Tonight, I put reduced fat cheddar cheese, chicken, corn, tomato and black olives. Stick it in the oven at 325 degrees, for about 20 minutes and viola -- you have a delicious meal for about 300 calories.

Anyway. I think was it. Back to my wine and writing.

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