The Hunt Goes On

It's been just over a week since my last post and man, does it feel longer than that! Work has been hectic; one of my team members left last week, which will be better in the long-run, but in the short-term -- *sigh*. The rest of my team and I are left to pick up the pieces and do not only our jobs, but hers, too. That's life, I suppose. At least I enjoy going to work every day and what I'm doing challenges me every day.

So, in the midst of that, Bryan and I went home to Iowa City last weekend. Going home is something I love; I miss my family every day and love getting to spend time with them, and also with Bryan's family since they live there, too. But, it also stresses me out. The weekends go too fast, and I feel like there is always somewhere to go, someone to see or something to do. But, I relish them all the same.

This particular weekend, one of my best friend's sisters recently got married in Mexico and she and her new husband were having a wedding reception for everyone who couldn't make it to their destination wedding. We were able to squeeze in a few quick visits with our family, talk with Zephyr's, our stationary vendor for the wedding, and visit with friends. We were supposed to take our engagement photos on Sunday. Our photographer, Laura, one of our friends from high school recently started her own photography company, The Studio Noir. She lives in Boston now, but was in town at the same time as us, so we wanted to take pictures, but the weather did not work out. :( I was bummed.

Coincidentally, my co-worker, whose girlfriend is a wedding photographer, told me that she was hosting a workshop for Jesh De Rox, an amazing Canadian photographer who is known for his relationship- and connection-driven approach to photography. They needed another couple to model for the workshop attendees, so Bryan and I volunteered! We get to keep all of the photos from the session at no charge. I love that we'll be able to see pictures through so many different "eyes." We didn't really know what to expect at the beginning -- we knew it wasn't going to be a typical engagement session. But, the photographers had techniques for getting us to emit certain emotions. We played games, we whispered into each other's ears, we shared memories with each other, we laughed. It was fun to stare into Bryan's eyes and tell him all of the things I love about him, and to have him whisper in my ear the moment when he was the most proud of me. Whenever we had to be serious, I couldn't be -- I was always smiling! I suppose that's not the worst thing in the world, but when we were supposed to be the "intense" couple and imagining leaving each other for three years, Bryan almost had tears in his eyes and there I was, with a goofy grin! Oh well. I think the pictures will be beautiful and natural and I can't wait to share them.

And, we are still house-hunting. We went to see more places last night, a couple of them for the second time. I think I'm going to end up with a broken heart after all is said and done -- I realized today that we can't afford any of our three favorite places :( Kind of a let down, but, that being said, there are so many properties that we do really like and that we can afford. We're going to keep looking and see what happens. It is fun to see what's out there and I love imagining life together in our new home!

That's all for now. I am lately addicted to Friday Night Lights, and brought Bryan on board. A rare occurence, given that Bryan usually HATES all of the TV I watch. We are almost done with season three, so I bid adieu to go watch the final episodes. Then, off to bed -- boot camp in the morning at 5:30!

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