Hello, World!

In a recent conversation with my fiance, Bryan, I was going on (and on) about how I couldn't wait to start writing my first book. He asked, "What are you waiting for?" I said, "I don't know what to write about." He told me, "Just start writing."

So, here I am.

Writing is my forte -- or so I'm told. And, even if it's not my greatest strength, it is my passion. I may not have much to say and my opinion may not matter in most cases. But, on the other hand, maybe I do and maybe it does. Either way, I figured I just needed to get my "creative juices flowing," and start putting words down on paper; er, the computer screen.

I've got enough going on in life right now to have stuff to write about. I just started a new job, I recently got engaged, and Bryan and I just started looking for our first house. All of those things, coupled with stories from my crazy (and lovable) family and friends, plus regular day-to-day happenings...well, I've a lot to say.

So, here we go...
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